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Questions tagged [thessaloniki]

The second largest city of Greece, located along the Egnatia highway about half-way between Albania and Turkey.

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13 votes
2 answers

How can I find Turkish truck stops in Greece?

I'm trying to hitchhike from Thessaloniki, Greece to Turkey. Greece is a very very hard country to hitchhike in, Greek drivers seldom stop, and petrol stations which are useful in many other ...
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10 votes
6 answers

What are the bus (coach) connections from Thessaloniki, Greece to Tbilisi, Georgia?

Well I'm worried the bad weather has set in and I have to switch from hitchhiking to public transport. I know there are buses from Istanbul to Tbilisi but I wonder if there might even be a direct bus ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is there a bus from Tbilisi, Georgia to Thessaloniki, Greece?

While it appears that information is available about the bus from Thessaloniki to Tbilisi in a previous question, I'm curious about the reverse? What Georgian companies (or Greek companies operating ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to get from Thessaloniki to Vourvourou and around?

In May/June I would like to spend a week in the Chalkidiki peninsula. I am planning to stay in Vourvourou. I will directly fly into Thessaloniki. Then I will proceed to my final destination, but I don'...
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3 votes
2 answers

Train from Athens to Thessaloniki: do I need an advance ticket?

I've traveled by rail in Europe before, but mostly in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Italy. Next month I'll be in Greece, and I have air tickets into Athens and out of Thessaloniki, with ...
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4 answers

Travel from Tel-Aviv, Israel to Thessaloniki, Greece

I want to get from TLV to Thessaloniki, Greece on 21-24/June. What is the cheapest way?
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2 answers

Thessaloniki Airport to KTEL Halkidikis bus station

I will be arriving at Thessaloniki Airport on Sunday, August 16th, and I would like to know how I can get to KTEL Halkidikis bus station using public transportation?
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