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Questions related to Thanksgiving, a major public holiday in the United States (observed the fourth Thursday of November) and Canada (observed the second Monday of October).

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Should I wait until Black Friday for buying my plane tickets for December [closed]

I am going to participate in a series of academic events this December in South America. (I myself am from Perú.) The first starts at December 4 in Santiago (Chile), then I'll be about ten days in ...
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How is the air traffic before thanksgiving?

I am currently in USA and would like to visit my country before thanksgiving (16 November). I'll be traveling from Newark via Dubai. The connecting flight is from dubai and the time between two ...
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Universal Studios on Black Friday or Saturday?

The family & I are in LA for the Thanksgiving weekend and are trying to figure out whether to visit Universal on Black Friday or Saturday. Any idea whether the choice of days will make a ...
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Would it rain in Florida during thanksgiving? [duplicate]

I've been googling and do not yet have a clear answer. We have about 7 days of holidays during thanksgiving, and our choices are Florida and Colorado. (We're from Dallas, Texas). I heard Colorado is ...
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Where do the singers sing on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade route?

I saw the parade this year, close to the Diamond District, and the performers were just waving— they weren't signing. This kinda makes me wonder: where do they sing? Do they sing in one spot or ...
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Is visiting Ellis Island on Thanksgiving Day feasible?

According to this page Ellis Island is open on Thanksgiving Day. But what about the ferries? If they don't run on Thanksgiving Day then even if the island itself is open, visiting it is not going to ...
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How many hours will it take to drive from Manhattan to Toronto on this "Black Friday" weekend?

How are regular Sunday drives starting around 8am from Manhanttan to Toronto compared to this Sunday (Nov 29th '04) with the Black Friday rush? Is there another time to leave which will be a shorter ...
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What can I expect on Thanksgiving in Canada?

This year I will be in Toronto during Thanksgiving. Will I notice at all when behaving as a tourist? Are tourist attractions closed, do shops close earlier or at different times. Is it better to avoid/...
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Are theme parks crowded on Thanksgiving day?

Some do special offers - I believe that the Disney parks do something, and Knott's Berry Farm do special buffet dinners, but assuming this isn't happening, are the crowds light that day? (I ...
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Open museum in NYC for Thanksgiving

Are museums going to be open for Thanksgiving? I am also interested about renting a car in NYC, but I cannot find anything open that day. Is the airport the only option?
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Greyhound: can I ensure I get a seat on the bus I want to use?

Some bad fortune has required me to change my Thanksgiving travel plans at the last minute. I canceled my train ticket and bought a Greyhound bus ticket instead. I'm concerned by this language on the ...
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What are the best days to travel around Thanksgiving (US)?

I'm a Canadian currently in Toronto, and I'm considering going to California (either San Fransisco or LA) or perhaps Las Vegas. Is there a particular travel plan which would reduce any travel issues ...
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