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The largest and most populous of the Canary Islands. For questions not specific to this one island consider tag [canary-islands] instead.

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Traveling to Tenerife with bikes vs car rental

Hello fellow travelers! In a couple days we're travelling to Tenerife for 2 weeks (me and my wife). We'll be carrying two bike suitcases plus a single, big regular suitcase. We'd like to rent a car ...
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Working on the ferry Naviera Armas - Tenerife -> Huelva

I'm going from Tenerife to Huelva in a couple of days by Armas ferry. As I went here by Fred Olsen, I'd like to know what to expect from Armas. I have a couple of questions: Can you buy Internet ...
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Renting EVs on the Canaries

As Bali seems to be a bit complicated at the moment regarding entry requirements and quarantining, I've been looking for alternatives. I've come across the Canary Islands and really like the idea of ...
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How much cash to take to Tenerife all-inclusive for a week?

In a couple of months we'll be going on a week-long all-inclusive holiday in Tenerife. Although advertised as "leave your wallet at home", from past experiences I know this is never that simple. I ...
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Tree pollen counts in Tenerife

I have seasonal allergies that are so bad that I’m thinking about escaping them for a bit in late April. I was wondering about tree pollen counts in Tenerife, in particular, birch tree pollen. I’ve ...
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What is the weather like in south of Tenerife in early December? [duplicate]

I'm looking for a sunny escape from cold European winter. Therefore I was thinking about the canarian islands, more specifically Tenerife. As there are direct flies from my nearest airport. Because I ...
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Are there car rental companies in Tenerife which allow taking the car to neighboring islands?

Researching car rental options in Tenerife, I was surprised to find out most apparently ban ferry-hopping between islands, even though all of them are within Spain and the Schengen area. E.g. this ...
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Kicked out of hotel in morning when booking through booking agency (asked to pay for extra day)

I am from UK, I went to travel agent website and booked holiday (flights + hotel), today is the last day and my flight is 22:30. In the morning we went to the city to have some lunch and when we came ...
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Car rental Tenerife Sur (south) airport at 2am in the night?

I'm trying to rent a car for a few days. Location: Tenerife / Spain / Tenerife Sur / Tenerife-Reina Sofia Time: May - landing 1am - so I need something at 2-3am. I tried the main ones like Avis and ...
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Exporting Lava Stones from Tenerife within EU

On our vacation in Tenerife we have found some very nice lavastones from the Teide Volcano and want to take them on our flight home (all within EU). The problem is that our friends went to Egypt ...'s user avatar
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How to get a camping permit for Tenerife from Germany

End of September I fly with my wife to Tenerife on a two-week holiday. From what I learned on the internet (here) you have to have a camping permit in order to use publicly available camping sites in ...
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Best 'private' spots for stargazing on Mountain Teide, Tenerife

I'm planning travel to Tenerife in the end of May and one of the things which I like to do is do enjoy in a beautiful star scenery. I did some investigation and I concluded the best place is somewhere ...
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Tenerife South Airport to Teide

Tenerife South is the biggest airport in the Canary Islands, and Teide is them most popular tourist attraction, so it would be very useful if the internet had information to offer as to how to get ...
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Puerto de Santiago to Santa Cruz

I'm travelling to Puerto de Santiago, Tenerife, in February and plan to attend the Santa Cruz carnival. Looking on Google Maps this is a 1hr 20min journey by car. Will there be available excursions, ...
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Accessing the Mount Teide summit when all 200 permits per day are already booked

I'm going on a trip to the Canary Islands and would not like to miss accessing the Mount Teide summit, but: Access to the summit itself is restricted; a free permit is required to climb the last 200 ...
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Where can I find authentic areas in Canary islands? [closed]

I am going on a trip to the Canary Islands and I have heard that it is quite commercial in some areas. Does anyone know of the authentic and more "virgin" regions, "off the beaten track," ...
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Are there direct flights from Moscow to Tenerife?

Are there direct flights from Moscow to Tenerife? If not, what is the best way to get there? I'm interested in Los Cristianos. As I understand it, regularly ships from the Spanish mainland go there?
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Tenerife South Airport to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria by public transport

What's the cheapest option other than flying?
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Transit between ferries on Tenerife

I'm planning to take a ferry from Gran Canaria to Tenerife and then Tenerife to La Palma on 21 December. The ferry from Gran Canaria arrives at Tenerife 17:00, and the ferry to La Palma departs at 19:...
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