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The capital and largest city of Iran.

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Iran Visa Issue: U.S. - Mexico Dual National Residing in EU [duplicate]

Several months ago I tried going to Iran with my American passport to attend a marathon but got denied. The embassy or company didn't give me any direct reason as to why but shortly afterwards the ...
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Buying appointments in German embassy in Tehran, Iran [closed]

I need an appointment for legalization of documents (not visa!) in the German embassy in Tehran. For a normal human it is almost impossible to book an appointment there, because the booking page is ...
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Where can I rent a suit for a wedding in Tehran, Iran?

I hope to attend a wedding in July there, and I will be travelling for a few weeks beforehand and don't want to lug a suit around, I'd like to rent one while in the city. However, my google skills ...
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What can I do one day in Tehran? [closed]

A group of tourists are going to have a full day staying Tehran, What can day do in that one day? How can they enjoy that day in Tehran?
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What is the safest way to travel from Tehran to North-Pakistan?

What is the safest way to go from Tehran to Hunza (North Pakistan)? Travelling mainly by bus and local transportation wherever possible. Note: I am aware it will not be 100% safe anyway.
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