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Unscheduled halts en-route and those for refuelling, where passengers and cargo are not normally shed nor other passengers and cargo added.

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Are technical stopovers not allowed in the United States?

I read on CNN (mirror): When an airplane stops over in the US, all passengers must alight the aircraft and proceed through US Customs and Border Protection before they're allowed to advance on with ...
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Leaving plane on transfer of same flight and returning

I wish to get off plane and walk around airport(to avoid stiffness) when a plane has a stop and passenger continuing on same plane to final destination. The time is 55 minutes at the stop location. ...
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Where do passengers of refuelling stay?

If, for example, you're travelling to the US, and the plane makes a stop in China to refuel, can you enter China even without a Chinese Visa? If not where do passengers of refuelling planes stay?
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Does a Nepali need a transit visa for a technical stop in Hong Kong?

I have a Nepali passport and am traveling SFO-SIN (from San Francisco to Singapore). I see on the ticket it says 1 HR stop in Hong Kong. When I called my travel agency they said it's for a technical ...
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ANA non-stop flight from BOM to NRT

The non-stop flight from BOM to NRT is indeed non-stop. However the return flight, which is designated non-stop too, stops for a while at Fukuoka. Is this some kind of technical stop?
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What rights do we have after being 'abandoned' in Guatemala during a technical stop?

We flew Barcelona-Managua return with Iberia this July/August. At Barcelona we were given boarding passes for changes of plane in Madrid and San Salvador. When we arrived in Guatamala we were told ...
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How do I find out whether I am allowed to / have to disembark from a flight that transits at an intermediary airport?

When booking flights that transit through one or more intermediary airports, it is not often clear whether it's a 'technical stop', e.g., refuelling only while passengers sit inside the plane or ...
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What does a technical stop mean in air travel?

When I look at my flight itinerary, it says that the flight includes a technical stop. What does that mean compared to a layover?
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