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Levies raised by governments and agencies as they relate to travel. Do not use for questions about duties imposed on crossing borders, for which there is the customs-and-immigration tag. Please also tag with the applicable country.

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American Airlines 24-hour refund: how do I know if a ticket has "Sale-imposed nonrefundable taxes" or "Taxes we must pay whether or not you travel"?

I read on the American Airlines 24-hour refund policy (mirror) that "sale-imposed nonrefundable taxes" and "taxes we must pay whether or not you travel" are not refunded (see quote ...
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VAT Refund on someone else’s card

My parents have a flight back to home tomorrow. They have some refund receipts (Global Blue) to be shown at the Berlin airport. Since cash refunds have more fee, we wanted to opt for VISA credit/debit ...
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Sole employee of US company. Any issues working remotely in Peru on tourist visa?

Here's my situation: created a company in the US (an LLC) the only employee for the company occasionally hire temporary contractors. staying in Peru for 6 months on their extended tourist visa will ...
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UK tax on an amber painting coming from abroad

Unsure if this is in the right section of Stack Exchange but, I have a family member coming to the UK (from outside of the EU) in the near immediate future. They will be bringing a painting with them ...
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