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Many countries offer tax refunds on goods purchased by international visitors. Use this tag for questions about how any of these refund systems work.

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Why do I need to leave the country before I can open my tax free consumables? [duplicate]

I'm looking into tax free shopping in Japan and I noticed that if I decide to buy consumables tax free then I cannot eat them on the spot. From my understanding, if I buy consumable products at these ...
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How to get a tax refund for computer accessories purchased on a visit to USA?

I am about to buy two Mac accessories in the Apple Store in Manhattan which cost a total of $98 before tax. I would like to get a refund for the tax before I get back to Europe. My question is what ...
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Showing tax-refunded items at Customs in Japan

I'm on a vacation in Japan and have bought some items tax-free in different stores (Bic Camera, Isetan, some smaller shops). Can I use the items while in Japan? Do I need to show them after check-in ...
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Is it possible to get a tax refund on goods in Singapore when leaving by land?

I found this page explaining how to apply for a tax return on goods in Singapore. However, it specifies that you can only get it when leaving from an airport (Changi Airport or Seletar Airport) or ...
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VAT refund at Luton airport

I'm a non-EU citizen, leaving London from Luton airport. I'm trying to understand how to get a VAT refund on my way out. All I was able to find is this very sparse description at the airport website: ...
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