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Port city of Morocco with ferry connection to Tarifa, Spain.

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Need help identifying/translating a plaque in Tangier, Morocco

My wife and I were in Tangier a little over a month ago and I had taken a picture of a plaque near the Kasbah Museum. It must have been important or interesting but, silly me, I neglected to make a ...
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Ceuta to Tangier by foot and train?

This question consists of two parts: Is it possible to walk from Ceuta to Tanger Med along the coast? There seem to be roads and/or beaches along some of the Moroccan coastline, but not all of it – ...
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Arrival 23:00 in Tangiers on Grimaldi Lines ferry

The weekly Grimaldi Lines ferry from Barcelona is scheduled to arrive in Tangiers at 23:00 on Sunday. I don't have a feel for how easy it will subsequently be to get to a (prebooked) hotel. Does the ...
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Safety and travel time from Tangiers to Dakar?

How many days it takes travelling by car from Tangeri to Dakar? How safe is travelling by car from Tangeri to Dakar, specifically in Senegal and Mauritania?
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Travel from Tanger MED to Tetouan

Is there some web page where we can find Buses in Morocco? We are searching for some Bus from Tanger MED to Tetouan but we found nothing. Or do you know how to get from Tanger MED (port) to Tetouan? ...
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Transporting (not riding) a tandem bicycle from Tangier to Essaouira

My partner and I have finished a trans-Europe tandem bicycle journey, and would like to rest for a month in Essaouira, Morocco, but need advice on travelling there from Tangier with our large tandem ...
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Safest road route from Tangier to Togo

A local NGO that is working with Togo is going to organize a convoy (2 trucks) to bring some educational and medical aid. They will enter to Africa through Tangier, Morocco and are going to drive to ...
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