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The capital and largest city of Estonia.

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How to pay bus fare in Tallinn?

My father and I are staying in Tallinn, in a flat on Pae street. We don't know the city or the language. We have used the bus today to go downtown and back. Going downtown, the driver told us to just ...
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Ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn

I'm planning to travel from Helsinki to Tallinn in late April 2019. I already research that only 3 companies do that route (Tallink Silja Line, Viking Line and Eckero Line). I would like to know if ...
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Train and bus tickets between Tallinn and Tartu

I and my girlfriend are going to Tartu on the last week of June, from June 21 to June 28. We've got the ship from Helsinki to Tallinn and back sorted, but we still need to actually get to Tartu. We ...
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Is it possible to get and activate a SIM card after 23:00 in Tallinn (Airport)?

I'm going to arrive at Tallinn Airport but the flight is scheduled to arrive at 23:00. According to Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki on Estonia: Prepaid SIM cards called Kõnekaart are available at ...
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What is this music playing every morning at 7am in Tallinn?

I just spent two days in Tallinn, where I had a place just opposite of Kaarli kirik, with the window facing towards Toompea. Every morning at 7am, I woke up to a short melody that seemed to be played ...
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Which ferry company offers online check-in from Tallin to Stockholm?

I will be travelling on this route in a couple of weeks, so I was wondering if there are any ferries that offer online check-in?
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Ferry system from St Petersburg to Tallin and Helsinki

I'll be in Saint Petersburg at the end of July and will be traveling to Warsaw next. Can anyone provide information regarding the ferries from Saint Petersburg to either Tallinn or Helsinki? How long ...
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Cheap second-hand bookstores/antiquaries in Tallinn

I am looking for places to buy bilingual technical and specialist dictionaries of any sort while in Tallinn at a good price (preferably used ones). Also I have little idea of the linguistic situation ...
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How I can find out about rock concerts in Tallinn?

How I can find a program for rock concerts in Tallinn? I am ideally looking for a website where such concerts are listed.
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Where is a good landmark to meet a friend in Tallinn, Estonia?

A friend and I are both traveling to Tallinn, separately (me by bus from Riga, he the next day by air) and need to arrange to meet somewhere downtown in the tourist area. I won't have a working ...
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Getting to Laulupidu – Estonia

I'm going to Laulupidu, the song and dance festival that happens every few years in Tallinn, and I want to know the best way to get to the festival grounds that Sunday from old city. It seems like it'...
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Half day in Tallinn

In the spirit of Half day in Berlin - after non-classical tourist spots I'd like to ask the community about what can be seen in Tallinn on a Saturday afternoon?
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Trip to Estonia Tallinn from Greece

Which is the best way to travel from Greece to Estonia Tallinn? There isn't any direct flight,the intermediate stops I found was Frankfurt and Moscow (you have to wait one day). Are there any places ...
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Are there trains beween Tallinn, Riga and Warsaw?

I'm planning a trip to Poland for July and August. I thought it would be a good idea to visit some of the other countries around Poland since I was going to be there for a little while. Two countries ...
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From Tallinn harbour to the main bus station

From Tallinn harbour it's a relatively long way to the main bus station (Tallinna bussijaam; Lastekodu 46). From terminal A (e.g. Viking Line, Eckerö Line) it's a 3.1 km (~40 min) and from terminal D (...
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Looking for people who've been to both Tallinn, Estonia and Brasov, Romania

I'm interested in nice medieval cities. I can go to Tallinn or Brasov and I'm unsure what to choose. I enjoy architecture and a nice city around it. Where should I go first?
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Is two weeks enough time to drive from Tallinn to Stockholm and have enough time to visit the major cities along the way?

I'm thinking of using our two-week Christmas holiday for some light low-budget travelling. Was thinking of taking the ferry over to Tallinn from Stockholm (I'm assuming one exists, here), with our car,...
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What is this monument in Tallinn called?

I'm looking for the name of a monument in Tallinn, Estonia. I visited it this summer and I think it is really interesting for tourists since it has some historical interest and it also looks nice. ;) ...
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Does anyone have any advice for an English person going to Positivus festival in Salacgriva, Latvia? [closed]

I'm finding it hard to find English-written reviews/advice of Salacgriva or the festival in general. In particular I'm wanting to find out if there's anything worth doing in the town or nearby, what ...
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Are there caves and tunnels under Tallinn, Estonia?

This spring I was in Tallinn, and I heard about some caves under the Old City, as well as under all of Tallinn. Is it true or just rumors? If it is true, can anyone provide some info about them?
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