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A city in the state of New York, USA. Does not apply to places in Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Utah nor the city in Sicily (nor elsewhere).

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4 votes
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Easy driving, direct route from Syracuse, NY, to Lake Placid?

I would like a route where I won't have to keep stopping to ask for directions, as happened to me last year with the standard Rte 81 Rte 3 approach. Also, I don't like extremely twisty-turny routes. I'...
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3 votes
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Why did I receive 3 tickets for a single-transfer Greyhound trip?

I've recently booked a Greyhound trip (see Why is a change of carrier on Greyhound no transfer?) I will be traveling from New York City to Toronto, which has a transfer in Buffalo. For the first leg, ...
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Can't check-in to a hotel because I am 18

I'm 18 and traveling to the East Coast of the USA. I am staying in Syracuse, NY for 2 days, but can't seem to find a hotel that will let me check in. Are there any hotels in Syracuse with a minimum ...
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