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Questions about swimming or just playing in the water at swimming pools, beaches, lakes, or anywhere there's enough water.

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Can I swim in Iran with my girlfriend in bikini in the Caspian Sea?

Is it possible if she is not Iranian to swim in her swimsuit or bikini in the sea? She is not from Iran, she is European as me. Is there some "police" that watches how people dress on the beach?
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Reef-safe sunscreen for snorkeling in Mexico?

We will be taking a cruise to Cozumel soon, and plan to do some snorkeling. I've seen several sites mention that the Mexican government requires "reef-safe" biodegradable sunscreen to snorkel their ...
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2 answers

Is Florida ocean water warm enough to swim in February?

I'm switching jobs, and have next week (the last week in February) off between jobs. I'm considering going down to Florida - specifically to Everglades National Park - but I'm concerned about the ...
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Devil's pool safety at Victoria Falls

The Devil's pool is a natural pool on the edge of Victoria falls you can swim in during certain months (I saw people doing last September). Image is in public domain. Source: Wikipedia. Firstly, I ...
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How warm is the sea in Lanzarote in the Canaries in February?

I'll be in Lanzarote in February. I've been there in high summer when of course it was very hot but what's the sea temperature like in February?
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Beaches accessible from central Porvoo

I'm visiting Porvoo (known for its historic centre) tomorrow. It's going to be quite hot (for Finland anyway) at 26°C, so, besides sightseeing, chilling at a beach and maybe even dipping in the ...
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I have a tattoo. Can I visit a public swimming pool in Japan?

A friend of mine is currently traveling in Japan. She has a small tattoo on her neck. Now she wanted to visit a public swimming pool but was denied entry. It was difficult to understand the reason ...
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Where to find good cave-swimming? [closed]

I'd love to travel to a place that has a good cave-swimming adventure.* I'd like it to be: Safe Warm Fun Suitable for an amateur Good for photography is a bonus I'd love it if it's a cave that's ...
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