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Questions about swimming or just playing in the water at swimming pools, beaches, lakes, or anywhere there's enough water.

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I have a tattoo. Can I visit a public swimming pool in Japan?

A friend of mine is currently traveling in Japan. She has a small tattoo on her neck. Now she wanted to visit a public swimming pool but was denied entry. It was difficult to understand the reason ...
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Immersion at St Helen's Spring (Sacred Spring in England)

I have been planning to take a group of visiting in-laws to various healing springs in South East England (related question here), and St Helen's Spring in Hastings seems like a great venue. I have ...
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What swimming suit options are acceptable for a self-conscious recreational swimmer in Belgium and Western Europe?

Many pools in Belgium prohibit the use of swimming shorts, citing hygienic concerns with people concealing their underwear beneath them as well as safety concerns with them getting hooked on ...
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What are the rules for changing after swimming in appartment complex pool in US [closed]

This might be a strange question - in California many apartment complexes have swimming pools but they don't have any changing rooms or anything like that (at least anything that I'd recognize as such)...
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