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Residents of The Kingdom of Sweden. Residing in Sweden looking for asylum is fairly common but expatriates are too.

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Do I need a UK transit visa to travel from Sweden to the USA? [duplicate]

I am from Bangladesh and studying at Linkoping University, Sweden. I have a Swedish residence permit and a USA tourist visa. During the Christmas holidays I am planning to travel to Miami with British ...
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10 votes
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Travel to USA for visit an exhibition for Russian citizen

Can a Russian citizen who lives in Sweden and has a Swedish residence permit (temporary for 2 years) apply for an ESTA? We are going to visit an exhibition for work purposes, but I'm not sure that it'...
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90/180 rule while holding a swedish residence holder permit [duplicate]

I am an Indian citizen, holding a valid residence permit from Sweden. I have a confusion about 90/180 rule. For eg if I am planning to travel to France 12/06 to 18/06. It's just a 6 days trip. How ...
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