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A country in the north-east of South America bordering Brazil, Guyana and French Guyana.

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Appyling Schengen Family Visa of my parents. My parents' surname in their passport is different from my passport, will there be any issue?

I stay in Belgium and want to call my parents to visit us for a short stay. However, my parents' surname on their passport is different than those stated on my passport. Seeking guidance on how to ...
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What does this Suriname traffic sign mean?

I saw several of them around Paramaribo, Suriname. Left side looks kind of like "vehicles not allowed" and the right side like "parking prohibited" signs, but there was plenty of cars riding and ...
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Do airport agents accept firstname and lastname in wrong order? [duplicate]

I booked a flight from HCM City to Manchester on 25/09/2015, using Etihad Airways. The input the last name as first name in wrong order. My first name: Hoang, last name: Pham, but while booking, I ...
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Tourist visa for Suriname for an Indian Citizen?

After some discussions, I found out that Caribbean Hindustani is quite popular in Suriname. This has inclined me to choose it as one of the next destinations on my bucket list. How can I get a ...
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Can I own a French registered car as a non-resident?

I would love to drive through Brazil and Suriname starting from French Guiana. However, renting a car to do this proved to be impossible. There are ferries between French Guiana and Suriname and a ...
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Are Trinidad and Tobago as well as Suriname safe places to travel alone?

I'm planning to travel alone in South America starting from Colombia. I'm thinking to do a triangle route between Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname. It'll be a backpacking trip hosting in ...
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Where can I rent a car in French Guiana to cross to Suriname/Brazil?

Flying to Suriname can be very expensive since the transatlantic connection is tightly controlled by the GOS. A less expensive solution is to travel to the neighboring French Guiana which is ...
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