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Is travelling to Jordan in July just challenging or dangerous in terms of the summer heat?

I am planning on travelling to Jordan in July, where temperatures potentially reach into the 40s °C. Travel sites and guides suggest either spring or late fall months, with remarks about the heat ...
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Snow on the Yukon roads in summer

I am planning a trip in Yukon during the summer (July to September) and I wonder what I can expect in terms of road conditions and what specific equipment (for the car) I would need. I found out that ...
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Visa Type for Nesin Mathematics Village, Turkey

I am a student travelling from India, and I am unsure of the type of visa to apply for when travelling for the purpose of attending the Nesin Mathematics Village. It's a summer school type programme ...
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How busy are the Faroe Islands during summer compared to Iceland?

Having been to Iceland a few times, I know how extremely busy it can get in the summer, especially in the south. Last summer I was in Greenland and I really enjoyed the absence of mass tourism. How ...
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Is it safe to visit Istanbul? [closed]

I'm from Portugal and I'm planning my summer trip at the moment. Going to Istanbul is one of the options I have. I have some fears about it though since recent problems we hear about in the news. But ...
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Beaches in St Petersburg

How are beaches in St Petersburg new Finnish gulf? Are there areas available for swimming? Are there also sports like skiing, etc there? I've heard also there are beaches in Moscow How are beaches in ...
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Fastest way to reach St-Jean-Pied-de-Port from Barcelona or other Spanish airports

This summer I would like to walk on the Camino de Santiago. I want to start from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port and walk for 300 km. My idea is to reach Barcelona by plane from Italy, and then go to the ...
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Renting a flat in Montenegro [closed]

I want to rent a flat in Montenegro for 2 persons for about one month. Is there any problem I should be aware of (I heard in some countries you need to have a job or local bank account to rent a flat)....
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What's the best way to go to Barcelona from Madrid? [closed]

What's the best way to get to Barcelona from Madrid?
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Activities to do with children in and near Jerusalem in the summer, especially to avoid the heat?

What is there to do in Jerusalem in the summer months with 4 year old and 10 year old boys. I am looking for activities to avoid the heat and sun that is present much of the day. I will be evaluating ...
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Is Berlin experiencing a decrease in public activity during summer time (July and August)?

Context: I am looking into settling down in Berlin and I would like to know what to expect from summer time in term of public activity/cultural events. What I've observed: I've noticed each city has ...
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What clothes are necessary to visit Iceland in July?

I'm planning a three weeks trip to Iceland in July and I'm concerned about what kind of clothes I need to bring with me. I don't have a rigid schedule, so this may vary, but right now I'm thinking ...
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Is it a bad idea to backpack in the Grand Canyon in the month of August?

It seems like a lot of guided backpacking trips do not operate in July or August. Does anyone have experience with the area during that time of year and know why? My guess is that the weather gets ...
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What are some nice places to visit and some exciting things to do in Cyprus? [closed]

I am looking for a destination to go this summer in the net, and I have discovered a country called Cyprus, which looks very, very nice. Actually I am considering going with my friends there. Do you ...
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How crowded is Iceland in summer?

This may be a naive question for Europe and Scandinavian summers, but does Iceland very get crowded and touristy in summer, typically June ? I don't mind some groups but on the whole this is going to ...
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European countries "shut down" in August?

I am mainly interested in hearing about France (Paris, in particular) and Italy (Venice, in particular), though this may hold for other European countries as well, hence the broad title. I have heard ...
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Summer skiing in Europe [duplicate]

I want to learn skiing and wanted to go this summer while I am in Europe. I have searched a few places like this but could not find a definitive answer. I would like to go in month of July (around the ...
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What to do in Andorra during the summer? [closed]

I have the opportunity to visit Andorra in the summer (La Cortinada). The Pyrenees look beautiful, but I wonder what else is there to do except for shopping and hiking - although a (secret!) Holy ...
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Are hotels in California fully booked during summer or is it easy to get a hotel room?

My family and I are going on a summer vacation to the west coast of USA (We are from Europe), but I was wondering if it is necessary to book all the hotels before we go, or if it is easy to get a ...
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Ski Resorts during the Northern Hemisphere's Summer

I am wondering what Ski Resorts are available (open) for skiing during the Northern Hemisphere's summer? Level of comfort and amenities don't really make a difference for the purposes of this ...
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What kind of trousers or shorts are suitable for long-distance summer walking / hitchhiking?

Normally I'm exclusively a jeans/denim man no matter the weather: Comfortable, cheap, reasonably durable, can wear with anything, acceptable in conservative destinations, can get away with periods of ...
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