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A large Indonesian island in the Sundra group. Not to be confused with a town in Florida, USA.

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Indonesia Banyak diving

I'll be travelling to Sumatra end of April and would like to go diving near the Banyak Islands. It seems that there once was an agency providing dive tours (Nirvana diving) but it's unclear to me ...
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Are there any flights from Medan to Singkil?

I'd like to go (again) to the Banyaks archipelago on July this year (2017). So does anybody know if there are flights between Medan and Singkil, or Medan and an island on Sumatra west coast ? It ...
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Is there a way to go from Phuket to Banda Aceh (North Sumatra) without a plane?

I would like to go to Banda Aceh from Phuket (Thailand) in early December, but the flight is very complicated and expensive... Is there another way to get Banda Aceh? (boat/ferry, back of the little ...
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Medan - Samosir - Bukit Lawang - Medan roundtrip by tourist bus [closed]

I am looking for information about travelling in Sumatra Indonesia. I would like to go from Medan to Pulau Samosir then Bukit Lawang and back to Medan. I will have 9 people total so I have some ...
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