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Questions tagged [stonehenge]

The remains of a monument of earthworks and standing stones created some 4-5,000 years ago. A Scheduled Ancient Monument and World Heritage Site in Wiltshire, South West England.

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34 votes
2 answers

What does it mean when Stonehenge is "closed?"

I was in the UK near Christmas and was planning on going to Stonehenge, but it was apparently closed. I figured that Stonehenge was a natural destination and anyone could basically just drive up to it....
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18 votes
5 answers

Are there tours that let you touch Stonehenge?

I am planning to go to the Stonehenge over the next year, and I have done research and plenty of tours let you go inside the inner ring if you book ahead, for example. Is it still possible to put a ...
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3 votes
1 answer

London to Stonehenge to Bath to Portsmouth back to London

I've only been to London once and did a day tour to Stonehenge and Bath. My Husband and I have the wonderful opportunity to visit England again at the end of this month. We will rent a car to drive ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to visit Stonehenge from Bristol or Bath?

Next April we are going to spend 3 days in Bristol. We want to visit Bath and Stonehenge using public transport. I assume there will be a lot of trains/buses connecting Bristol and Bath, but I would ...
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8 votes
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Visiting Stonehenge on the way from London to Bristol

I'm planning a weekend trip with a friend from London to Bristol, and we would like to visit Stonehenge on the way. I'm aware of tours to Stonehenge that depart and arrive at the same place in London,...
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