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Questions about measured numeric facts rather than speculation or anecdotal evidence.

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Historical flight data outside of the USA?

The question Where can I find historical data on arrival and departure times of a particular flight? only deals with flights in the US sourced from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics . Is there ...
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Statistically, is there a safest seat on the plane if it crashes?

So to clarify, there are lots of different planes, so for the sake of argument, there are areas: front left front right front middle forward front, right, middle over the left wing over the right ...
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What is the longest passenger flight (with a flight number) in the world?

For example, JQ151 from Sydney to Christchurch is around 3 hours. NZ1 however, is about another 7 to Hong Kong. Will need a regular flight number to verify. Definition is longest in terms of flight ...
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The most difficult countries to travel in?

Now at first sight that's a subjective question. But I'll explain now that it's not. So please don't answer subjectively either! Pamir Highway between Dushanbe and Khorog, Tajikistan When papers ...
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What is the shortest commercial passenger flight (with a flight number) in the world?

With the occasional debate about Oxford airport in the UK becoming a new London airport, and hearing of a flight that once landed at Heathrow due to fog, then flew on to Gatwick, I was wondering - ...
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What is the probability of "true" lost baggage (never returned to owner)?

In "true" lost baggage, I mean the loss of your baggage that is ultimately not returned to an owner and ends up in compensation. According to the post here, the probability of the baggage being lost ...
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Where can I find historical flight stats? [duplicate]

I'm looking for some old flight stats as Flightaware provides me for the last 4 months. However, I'm looking for flights from the past 5 years. Is there any database that is capable of doing so? For ...
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Data on baggage theft rates, by airport or airline

Do airports or airlines disclose the number of checked-in baggage thefts reported by passengers every year, and is there a central database where one can find and compare those numbers?
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What is the LONGEST Tour operated by travel companies?

I remember 6 years ago, discovering "The Great South American Journey" operated by Gap adventures (now G Adventures), a 5 month trip around the continent (although essentially a bunch of their smaller ...
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Fastest route around the world on regularly scheduled transportation?

After a heated internal discussion about whether it was possible to go around the world within a day (24 hours), I thought I'd ask this question. Using regularly scheduled flights, it is possible to ...
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How can I check when I can (statistically) fly to given locations most cheaply? [duplicate]

There are many sites where I can search for a particular flight with various date ranges and compare the prices. But, say, I want to go from Warsaw to New York, or London, or anywhere else (the ...
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What is the LEAST visited country by tourists?

There's always lists on the most popular countries. But in my travels, I've found going against the grain has been super rewarding - places like Chernobyl, in Ukraine, or the desert of Uzbekistan or ...
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Can I find out the average duration of Schengen visas issued by a particular consulate?

It is quite easy to find out whether or not a given consulate is likely to issue a multi-entry visa. However a multi-entry visa could in theory be issued for a small duration of time (such as a month),...
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