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For questions about travelling for people who are not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law.

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If a country withdraws your nationality and asked you to leave. Does they gave you a passport without nationality to leave? [closed]

If your country Govenment withdraws your nationality for any reason; and asked you to leave the country. Would the Govenment provide you with a passport without nationality to travel out side and ...
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USA Permanent Resident through Asylum, visiting Colombia

I'd like to visit Colombia for tourism but my situation is not straightforward. I'm a legal Permanent Resident of the USA (Green Card holder). I have US Refugee Travel Document (this is my only '...
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If I renounce my nationality to get Japanese passport, what will I put next time I have to fill the nationality field [closed]

To acquire Japanese passport, the foreign national has to renounce his/her nationality. In such case, what will that person put in the nationality field as in many cases filling up the nationality ...
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How to apply for a visa for a stateless person to come to Canada from the Netherlands

My girlfriend and her daughter are living in the Netherlands. Her daughter has a Dutch passport but she does not. Is there anyway that she can apply for a visa to come to Canada for a visit? And ...
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Can a stateless person travel to all Schengen areas? (holding Bruneian International Certificate of Identity) [closed]

I have this problem: I am stateless from Brunei. Can I apply for a multiple entry Schengen visa? Does anyone have this experience? I am planning to visit Schengen countries so I really want to know ...
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ESTA: Previous Citizenship/Passport? (for both Stateless and Soviet Union ex. nationals)

We're travelling as a group, currently we are all EU citizens with no other nationality/passports issued by other countries. Though there's a bit of confusion relating to questions asking about the ...
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Are you considered a stateless person if you lose your passport?

My question is about someone who's traveling and loses their passport on foreign ground. After restoring, the new passport came from his own country, but was collected from the embassy in the foreign ...
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Which Countries accept Stateless Person Certificate as travelling document for Visa [closed]

Please someone can help with the list of countries who grant tourist visa for Stateless Person Certificate?
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Do stateless people need a visa for a layover in China?

I'm flying to Thailand with a US Travel Document and a visa for Thailand. I have a 7-hour layover in China. Should I be good with the 24-hour China visa exemption or should I attempt to get a visa for ...
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Visiting Schengen countries with travel document and green card (obtained through the refugee status) [closed]

I'm a permanent resident of the USA with a green card obtained as a direct result of refugee status (refugee from Russia). I have a travel document issued by the USA (I-571). I am planning to travel ...
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Can a passport-less person (Indian origin) in Saudi Arabia travel?

They were born in Saudi Arabia but for some reasons their passports were never made. They were on their mother's passport earlier as kids who was a Pakistani (she has passed away) . Now they are 18+ ...
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Leaving the Schengen area with a Refugee Travel Document issued by the USA

I'm a permanent resident of the USA with a green card and I have a travel document issued by the USA (I-571). As I understand I can enter Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovakia, and Hungary ...
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I don't know my nationality. How can I visit Denmark?

I was born in a Thailand refugee camp to Vietnamese parents, but quickly as an infant, they immigrated to Denmark. We lived there for 10-11 years and then moved to the U.S. I am a green card holder of ...
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Do stateless Green Card holders need schengen visa? [duplicate]

I am from the former soviet union, and I have just got my green card after a few years ago. I am still stateless and have applied for a refugee travel document which may or may not come through. My ...
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Schengen visa for a stateless person

I have applied for a long-term residence in the Czech Republic. However, as I am a stateless person residing in Uzbekistan, I was permitted to enter only 11 EU countries out of 28. Does it violate the ...
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Travelling through the Schengen area with a Refugee Travel Document issued by the USA

I just want to double check to make sure I won't run into any issues at the border of entry. I'm a permanent resident of the USA with a green card and I have a travel document issued by the USA (I-...
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Schengen visa, in refugee travel document from USA

I'm a stateless refugee from Estonia with a traveler refugee document issued by USA, and Schengen visa by Spain consulate in USA. My visa was issued from 1st june 2015 until 24th jun 2015, 9 days stay,...
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Can I travel to France with my wife who does not have a visa?

Can I travel to France with my wife and child? I have a British passport and so does our daughter, however my wife has a UK stateless travel document. We are looking to travel this Christmas to her ...
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How to travel if you are stateless?

After reading this question few questions popped up in my head. I know what a stateless person is after I read this wikipedia page but I could not find how do stateless people travel? if stateless ...
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Turkey transit visa for a stateless person? [duplicate]

I am a stateless person but I am a resident of Uzbekistan. I am going to visit Bulgaria on the 16th of August this year. Unfortunately there is no direct flight to Bulgaria so I have to fly through ...
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