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Questions tagged [star-gazing]

Looking for stars, planets, or other celestial objects in the night sky. This tag should be used with questions concerning travel to locations for star gazing or travel for special events such as meteor showers or the Northern Lights.

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3 votes
0 answers

Clearest sky month in Pyrenees

I’m thinking of visiting the Pic du Midi observatory, in the Pyrenees. What time of year is statistically likely to have the clearest skies?
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3 answers

Is a evening - night trip for star gazing around Osaka, Kyoto or Tokyo possible while using their metro?

I'll be in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo for about a week at the start of November and would love to see some stars on a starry night. Unfortunately, I don't have a driver's license and I don't know anyone ...
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7 answers

Where can I see the Milky Way in Europe?

I'd like to see the Milky Way. There is a lot of light pollution in the area I live in (a value of around 6 on the Bortle scale). I can see a few stars at night, but not the Milky Way. I understand ...
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2 answers

What's a good location to stargaze in Auckland?

I know New Zealand has some awesome spots to stargaze but I won't be able to travel when the next meteor shower happen, so since I don't know the city very well, I was wondering if you guys could help ...
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Best 'private' spots for stargazing on Mountain Teide, Tenerife

I'm planning travel to Tenerife in the end of May and one of the things which I like to do is do enjoy in a beautiful star scenery. I did some investigation and I concluded the best place is somewhere ...
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2 answers

Where to find clear sky In South Korea for viewing stars?

What parts of South Korea have the clearest sky without light pollution to see stars? It's clear the big cities have lots of light pollution, but even the places I have been told are "country side" ...
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