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Can I take golf bag instead of other luggage?

I am travelling from Gothenburg to Bangkok with Qatar Airways on an economy class ticket. I am taking with me a golf bag (20 KG) and one suitcase (about 30 KG). Is this okay? How much baggage am I ...
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Does a motorcycle helmet count as a personal item on a modern large jet airline flight? [duplicate]

Airlines allow passengers to carry a "personal item", that "fits under the seat in front of you", such as a shoulder bag, purse, laptop bag or other small item. Have other travelers found airlines ...
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Can I take roller skates through airport security?

I regularly travel nationally and occasionally internationally to play roller derby. If my roller skates get lost in transit (it has happened to people I know) my entire trip is ruined, so I prefer to ...
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Flying with Kayaks from UK to New Zealand

I'm planning on going to the World Masters Games in New Zealand next year, hopefully taking our own competition kayaks (length 3m, weight 10.5kg). Are there any issues with airlines or specific ...
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Can I fly with a skateboard in my hand luggage?

Can I fly with a skateboard in my hand luggage? The skateboard can be either assembled or not. I'd rather not pack it in hold luggage to avoid it being damaged or stolen. What I am worried about are ...
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Can I take my spearfishing gun and free-diving equipment on a Cathay Pacific flight?

I'm flying from Italy to Australia with Cathay Pacific. Can I take my spearfishing gun, and other free-diving equipment with me as luggage?
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What is the most efficient way of enjoying golf abroad in an EU country? [closed]

I am a keen golfer and and considering a holiday in an EU country specifically to spend 3-5 days golfing. Is it more efficient (ease, cost, time) to bring my own equipment or is rental more suitable?...
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What to do without underwear on a 4 day trip?

Ok, this might be a ridiculous question/situation but it's my situation. I'm at a football camp in boston until Friday, and I've realized I forgot to pack any underwear (I wear boxers), I have the ...
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What is the most convenient possibility to rent a kayak for the Allier?

A friend and I are members in a kayaking club in Germany, and want to go to our club's tour on the Allier. We have a common friend who is interested in coming along, but she is not officially a club ...
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Shipping a kayak to India - or can I fly with it?

I've a trip planned to India in May and was wondering whether it would be possible to ship my kayak (non-inflatable) from the States to India and back. I would like to find out the best way to do it ...
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