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Split, the second-largest city of Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea.

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How to get from Split to Vis

I would like to get from Split to Vis on a Monday in high season and I can't work out two things. What are the times of the fastest boat (catamaran?) and do I need to book them in advance or should I ...
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Codeshare between a point-to-point LCC and a FSC - one / two tickets? [closed]

Low-cost carriers (LCC) usually use a point-to-point system that doesn't allow connecting flights and you will have separate tickets for each flight. But some LCCs have codeshare with full-service ...
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Experience with traveling to and from Split to Hvar during off season

I'm looking to travel from Split to Hvar for a day trip (October 7th during off peak season) via Catamaran but I've been having issues trying to find an updated timetable on departures and arrivals. I'...
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Transfer between Split and Split Airport

How do you get from Split to Split Airport? The web is filled with spam regarding this and the websites for the options lack timetables etc.
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What is the procedure in Brussels for a USA to Croatia connection on two separate tickets?

I will be arriving into Brussels from the United States. On a separate ticket I am going to Split. What will be the procedure? I am sure that I will have to pick up my luggage in Brussels to switch to ...
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Where can I purchase a barbecue (webber) in Split, Croatia? [closed]

Where can I purchase a barbecue (webber) in Split, Croatia? Actually...a location on Vis Croatia would be even better, but that's probably not likely.
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Summer Sea Travel from Dubrovnik to Split

During the last week of June, we are planning to travel from Dubrovnik to Split. There are ferries and catamarans listed in guidebooks but I'm having trouble confirming details: Are there sea ...
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Transportation from Zadar to the Plitvice Lakes national park and then to Split

I will be in Zadar in april and I'd like to visit the Plitvice lakes national park for a day, and then travel from the park to Split. Is this possible by public transportation? Can someone recommend ...
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Camera store near Split, Croatia?

I'm travelling in Croatia with my Canon 5D Mark II, and I forgot my charger at home. Is there a store in or around Split that would sell such a thing?
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How to get from Split to Supetar by ferry?

Someone told me that Jadrolinija is operating ferries in Croatia. However, their site is somehow confusing. Is there any other site with ferry timetables, or specifically, timetables of the Split - ...
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