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The common, most spoken language across countries within the Hispanosphere.

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Recomendations for places and ways to achieve spanish language immersion in south america

I'm english, 33yo, remote worker with an intermediate level of spanish. I've spent some months living in spain but really struggled to find what I really want - language immersion. I find that ...
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My first name has a period in it, but I can't book an airline ticket with a period in my first name, can I still fly?

My first name, as written in my passport, has a period in it: "Ma." However, the field on the airline's website does not allow special characters in the name. Since it's supposed to be ...
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As a Spaniard, can I enter Chile with no return flight ticket?

I am going to travel around South America with no clear route yet, I just know I will start in Chile. I have seen that it is possible to stay there for 3 months without problems if I had a return ...
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Christmas Dinner in Foreign Country

Due to flight mixups I am stranded in a foreign country for Christmas. How does one get invited to Christmas Dinner in Foreign Countries, specifically in Spanish Cultures since Christmas is ...
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How do I appeal a denial of a Spanish Student visa, when no reason was given for the denial? [closed]

My wife and I submitted student visa requests to the Spanish Consulate in Chicago. We wanted to go to language school in Madrid. We met all of the visa requirements, including making full payment for ...
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Colombia travel visa for Indian citizen already having Schengen Visa

Since Colombian embassy's (in Germany as well as in India) website is in Spanish, I am not able to gather the information needed. I need to know if an Indian national, who already has Schengen Visa (...
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Are there any issues with speaking Spanish as a tourist in Portugal?

I'm about to go on a trip to Portugal, not knowing any Portuguese. I was planning to learn all the basics (yes, no, hello, goodbye, thank you, etc) but in a slightly more complicated situation it's ...
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How much Spanish do I need to know for travelling within Spain?

I plan on travelling by foot on the Camino Francés alone. I will have access to the internet/google translate via my smartphone. I am also a native french speaker (from Quebec). How much Spanish do ...
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Relearning Spanish for a vacation in Spain [closed]

My family and I are taking a vacation to Spain (covering Madrid and Barcelona) in three month's time. I'm the only person in my family who knows a lick of Spanish. I've been enrolled in Spanish ...
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How can I make a wedding toast in Spanish (1 sentence)? [closed]

¡Hola! I'm going to make a wedding speech for the groom next week in Spain. I will give the speech in English, but I'd like to end it with the Spanish quote (bride is Spanish). Any suggestion on the ...
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Catalan or Spanish in Barcelona?

I am going on a city trip to Barcelona, and as usual, I want to learn a few local words so that I can ask directions or order my drinks that way. My question, though: should I learn Spanish or ...
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Can I get by using only Spanish in Oaxaca?

I speak ok Spanish. It was good enough on my first visit to Mexico DF once. Oaxaca is known for linguistic diversity given the high percentage of indigenous population. But it's also a pretty ...
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Is it practical to travel in Argentina with limited knowledge of Spanish?

I am planning to travel for 3 weeks around Argentina, I plan to arrive and depart from Buenos Aires. I am not booking all my accommodation/travel ahead of time, as some of the distances are so vast, I ...
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What dialect of Spanish do the locals speak in Panama City?

Do the locals speak standard Spanish or some sort of dialect? To get around Panama City what language does need to know? Is English popular or is knowing Spanish vital?
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Traveling to Chile without knowing Spanish?

We are going to Chile in November and are planning on doing the Isla Navarino Dientees circuit trek. We have booked our DAP flight to Puerto Williams and return cruise from Puerto Williams to Punta ...
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Is there Spanish assistance for connecting flights within the USA?

My parents, who are from Mexico, want to visit the US but they only speak Spanish and they are worried about getting lost trying to get to the connecting flight. We have thought about booking a direct ...
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How to overcome the language barrier when visiting France and Spain?

I may be traveling to France and Spain for business purposes, and I'm likely to mix some pleasure with that business trip. I do not expect many language issues during the business conversations. ...
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