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A state in the Southeastern United States, bordered by North Carolina, Georgia, and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Traveling by train from Savannah GA to Charleston SC

I am looking to travel from Savannah, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina in February. I have done searching and found the following options: Rent a car; probably ~$100 for economy level car, plus ...
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Is a North Carolina driver’s permit also valid in South Carolina? [duplicate]

In both states, the required age is 15 to get a permit. Does that mean that a permit issued in North Carolina also allow you to drive legally in South Carolina?
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Driving in North and South Carolina with an Indian driving licence?

I am a visitor in Charlotte, NC, and am planning to drive from Charlotte to Charleston by renting a car. Will my Indian driving licence be enough for driving a car in the states of NC and SC, or do I ...
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How can a foreign national get a fishing/hunting license in the South Carolina?

My brother-in-law is going to come and visit us for a couple of weeks. I'd like to take him to fish with me, but he is Mexican, and the last time I got my fishing license in my state, I was asked for ...
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Do USA States have reciprocal agreements for learner drivers' permits?

Do states have any kind of reciprocal agreement for drivers (learner's) permits? If a child has a learner's permit issued in one state (i.e. Virginia), can that child legally drive in a second state (...
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Most thrilling roller coasters in South Carolina?

I am going to SC this summer. I wanted to visit some theme/amusement park in the neighborhood (Myrtle Beach) Can anyone suggest decent place with thrilling roller coasters? I could only find the ...
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