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The region of Asia sharing some similarities around Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

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Changing travel to Australia dates after visa issuance

I will be graduating from a university in Australia in the next 6 months and intend on inviting my family over for the graduation ceremony. We are only eligible to apply for Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)...
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Overland route from Southeast Asia (Malaysia) to South Asia (India, Nepal, or Pakistan)

I'm contemplating an overland advernture trip starting in Southeast Asia (possibly Malaysia or Singapore) to South Asia, ideally to the Hunza Valley in Pakistan, but just getting as far as any entry ...
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What exactly is a "No Objection Certificate" (NOC)?

In researching a potential trip in Pakistan on Wikivoyage I came across this term which is not well explained: The visitor should be aware of the ever changing rules regarding sensitive areas and ...
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Going to Bangladesh [closed]

My friend and I are considering going to Bangladesh in early January 2013. We were wondering if anyone here has been there and has some good or bad things they could tell us. The country is very ...
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Most effective way to bring money to India and Nepal

What is the most effective way to bring money for a backpacking trip to India and Nepal? Are ATMs available and reliable outside of the main cities? Do they charge commission? Or is it better to have ...
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