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Juan Santamaría International Airport serving San José, the capital of Costa Rica.

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Taxi rates from San Jose Airport, Costa Rica (SJO) to Alajuela

I'm flying into SJO and staying at a guest house 3 minutes away in Alajuela. I'm hoping to find what amount I should expect to pay so that I don't get overcharged.
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Are there sterile transfer areas in Juan Santamaria airport?

I am traveling from Madrid to San Salvador via Costa Rica's Juan Santamaria Airport. The flights with proper transfers are rather expensive so I am booking a self transfer and I am trying to get an ...
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Costa Rica 6 hr taxi ride from Playa Carrillo to SJO at 4am

We're traveling to Costa Rica and tour suggested we take taxi to airport for our 12 noon flight. They said to allow 6 hours which means a 4 AM depart from Playa Carrillo. Is it safe to do this? Would ...
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Late night taxis from San Jose Airport, Costa Rica (SJO)?

In a few weeks, I have a flight arriving in to San Jose airport (SJO, Alajuela) very late at night (a little after 1am). Can I expect to still find taxis there at that time of night?
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Sleeping near San Jose airport (Costa Rica)

I am arriving at the San Jose airport in Costa Rica rather late in the evening (with small children). I would like to stay overnight somewhere close, ideally without going into San Jose itself (which ...
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