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Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, (IATA: SJC) serving Silicon Valley and the South Bay area of California, USA.

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San Jose Airport Parking with Kids

Flying out of San Jose International (SJC) for a few days with two very young kids. What is the most convenient airport parking lot when coming with toddlers? Ideally we could walk to the terminal ...
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Is there a rule against taking food through TSA security checkpoints?

Twice in the last six months, when I went through the TSA checkpoint at San Jose airport, the screening agents specifically checked that I didn't have any food in my bags. The first time, I asked the ...
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Are there places to spend the night inside San Jose Airport?

I'm planning one day visit to San Jose, California (morning to evening). I'm arriving at SJC around 11.30pm and hoping to go to the city early morning, the next day. Until that is there a place where ...
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