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The Republic of Singapore, sometimes the "Lion City" or "Little Red Dot", the island city-state off the southern tip of Malaysia between Johore Strait and Singapore Strait.

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Chinese citizen, transit through Hong Kong then Singapore to a third country

I'm a Chinese citizen (PRC) and I currently reside on the United Kingdom (LTR Residence). I'll be going to China later this year and I'd like to visit Hong Kong and Singapore before I return to the ...
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Entry into Singapore with less than 6 months passport validity but more than 6 months long term pass validity

Is the 6 months passport validity for Singapore strictly enforced for people on an LTVP (or other visitor pass) when the visitor pass is valid for more than 6 months? My passport had ~5.5 months left ...
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Travelling outside Singapore on Multiple Entry Visa after EP cancelled

My Singapore EP pass has been cancelled. However, I still have a valid Multiple Entry tourist visa. Can I take a short trip outside Singapore and come back? Would it be useful to show a return ticket ...
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