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The overland part of various ancient trade routes from China in the East to The Mediterranean in the West. Part of this has its own tag [pamir-highway], which should be applied instead, where relevant.

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How to get from Kazakhstan to Urumqi?

we need to get from Kazakhstan (Dostyk is probably the best choice, but I don't know much about) to China - either Karamay or Urumqi. We need to book tickets in advance and I can't find online ...
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Two possible itineraries on the Silk Road [closed]

I would like to travel (part of) the silk road this summer (related question). As southern Turkey, Syria, Iraq and possibly Iran (due to the recent strains in relations with Saudi Arabia) are not safe ...
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Can I really finance a Silk Road trip, from India to the UK, by importing and selling the motorcycle?

Recently I've heard a friend of mine talking about doing a silk route trip from South India all the way to the U.K. on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. The way he explained it, people purchase a brand new ...
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Can you safely travel the silk route?

Looking at Marco polo's silk route Noticing it goes through Syria, Israel, and Afghanistan, I was wondering if there is the possibility to travel the silk road like Marco Polo, by avoiding war zones.
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Is there any accurate map for the Silk Route and is it still practicable?

I've found some maps that shows the overland route that was used to trade between Europe and Asia, but I haven't found a map accurate enough to plan a trip following the ancient route. Also, I ...
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