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Area in California, USA including San Jose and neighbouring cities, known for having the headquarters of many technology companies.

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Where can a person rent a motorcycle in Palo Alto or Mountain View (California, USA)?

It's all in the question, I am looking for places where I can rent a bike, in Palo Alto or Mountain View. And whether I have to bring my own gear or I can rent a helmet as well.
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Day use/hourly rooms convenient to SFO or Sunnyvale?

In a few weeks I'll be travelling to Silicon Valley with a very early morning arrival at SFO and a room booked for the night at a hotel in Sunnyvale, which may not allow me to check in until 3 PM. ...
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Cheapest way to get from SFO to Stanford? [closed]

I'm flying into San Francisco and need to get to a house near Stanford University. Anyone have good/bad/fun experiences they'd recommend? Besides walking.
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Mission Impossible: get from Sunnyvale to the Google campus

I need to get from Sunnyvale (82/Lawrence Expy) to the Google Campus (Garcia Ave) in Mountain View. Never been there before. I have been warned not to take 85 as it is supposedly totally gridlocked ...
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Facebook datacenter location

Me and my father are headed to LA, Las Vegas and Silicon Valley 3-8 january, 2015 to attend CES in Las Vegas. We're travelling to Silicon Valley to explore it and see if we can see the big company ...
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Visiting software development companies in LA area/Silicon Valley [closed]

I'm a norwegian, headed for the 2015 CES show in Las Vegas in january. We're landing at LAX and we're renting a car. I'm VERY interested in software, hardware and everything that has to do with ...
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Free parking in downtown San Jose, CA? [closed]

What's the situation with parking in downtown San Jose, CA? Can I park for free anywhere for short times in the daytime? Or for a long time in the evenings?
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Free parking in downtown Mountain View?

What's the situation with parking in Mountain View, CA, the US of A? Is there free parking? Meters? Parking structures?
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Getting from Emeryville, CA to Mountain View, CA with significant luggage

Suppose that I am in Emeryville, CA, USA at 4-5 PM, having just stepped off the Amtrak California Zephyr train. How can I get to western Mountain View, CA with luggage including a large suitcase (28" ×...
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Computer geek tourist attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley?

We're planning a family vacation to the San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley, and one of the highlights I don't want to miss is the Computer History Museum. However, I didn't find that listed ...