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The largest island in the Mediterranean sea, and a part of Italy.

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Mount Etna: from Nicolosi to Rifugio Sapienza on foot?

I will visit soon the north-east of Sicily (provinces of Catania and Messina). I would like to know if there is any pedestrian trail starting from the town of Nicolosi (CT) and leading to the lodge ...
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Can I take a bicycle on the ferry from Palermo (Sicily) to Genoa (Italy)?

I would like to take a touring bicycle on the ferry from Palermo (Sicily Italy) to Genoa (Italy). The bicycle is a touring bicycle, i.e. fully assembled, cannot be folded and has bags on the front and ...
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Is it possible to catch a bus (or a jeep) from Bar Funivia to Torre del Filosofo (Etna)?

I am wondering if it's possible to get a jeep/bus from Bar Funivia to Torre del Filosofo if you are not booking a private tour? It looks like this is the fastest way to reach Torre del Filosofo, but I ...
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Is fishing legal for tourists in Messina, Italy?

We'll be traveling to Messina, and staying there for about 4 weeks. While there, I want to take my son fishing. Is fishing permitted in Passeggiata a Mare? Is a license required? Are there other ...
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Is it possible to do a low carb diet for a month in Sicily?

I will be working in Sicily, Italy for about a month. Specifically, in Messina. I very much enjoy my keto diet. I assume I will be socializing and going to restaurants with my coworkers. Will it be ...
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What visa do I need to enter Italy? [closed]

I am an Indian national. I need to join a survey vessel in Sicily. I want to know what kind of visa do I need to enter sicily, Italy to join the ship. I need to go there in February, 2019.
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How can I hike the Etna on my own and then reach the summit with a guide?

My fiance (who will be my wife then) and I are visiting Sicily in September. We plan to reach the Etna's summit. From what I have been told, everything above Torre del Filosofo (about 2900 m a.s.l.) ...
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Public transportation between Agrigento to Syracuse

I want to travel from Agrigento to Syracuse. I saw possibilities in Trenitalia but despite the distance being short, it takes more time due to multiple connections. Is there convenient (and cheaper) ...
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Top Italian Airports when Expecting Guests for a Holiday Wedding [closed]

We are trying to have our wedding in Italy (because it's so nice, sunny and Mediterranean) and planning for a handful guests to be flown in. The guests are coming from various parts (Los Angeles, New ...
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Location of Terme di Nikà - Pantelleria

I found interesting spot to visit on Pantelleria island in Italy - Terme di Nikà, bur I can't find exact location on goggle map. Can someone help? Edit: here is a spot I am looking for: link on the ...
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Cannot find night train Rome-Siracusa after June 11 (2016)

I want to book a night train from Rome to Sicily for this June (2016). Suspiciously, the official website lists night trains to sicily, e.g. Roma-Siracusa, only up to the ...
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Which carrier has extensive cellular coverage in Sicily?

I'm visiting Sicily for two weeks as a tourist and I need a good and reliable cellular Internet connection to use on my iPhone and iPad. Does anyone have data on what coverage is offered by the ...
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Wi-fi coverage in Taormina and Palermo

Does anyone know how good is the wi-fi coverage in Taormina or Palermo? We're planning a trip to Sicily and I want to make sure I can work from there.
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Best transportation method in Sicily

I would like to go to Sicily and visit the main cultural and natural sites. Should I rent a car or use the available public transportation? I would prefer to use public transportation, but it is very ...
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Best town to live and work over the Internet in Sicily / Italy [closed]

Two questions: Which city would you choose based on my preferences? What's the availability of internet and its fees? A relative on my parents' side is from Sicily. I have relatives in all of the ...
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Traveling through Sicily on a budget and without a driver's license

I'm going to Sicily next week and want to travel around the island a bit, but I don't own a driver's license, nor have a lot of money to spend on transport. I've thought about hitch-hiking and trains, ...
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