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Where connections, typically between flights, leave little margin (such as close to Minimum Connection Times between terminals).

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PR of Canada travelling to Cincinnati, layover at Detroit on a B1/B2 visa

I am travelling to Cincinnati from Lester B Pearson Intl airport with a layover in Detroit. I have a B1/B2 visa. I am also a Canadian PR. Will I have to go through customs when I land in Detroit? If ...
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I have a US B-1 visa and am planning to transit via Seattle to go to India from Canada [duplicate]

I have a valid US B-1 visa, so just wanted to check if I can transit via Seattle. And if my connection flight is only 1.30 hours, will I be still able to make it?
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Is three hours enough for an international-domestic transfer at Delhi?

My International flight will be reaching New Delhi IGI at 2:45 AM and I am planning to book a domestic flight at 5:45 AM. Is three hours sufficient for me to move from International to Domestic? I ...
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Is 20 minutes of transfer time enough at the Buffalo Greyhound station?

Recently, I bought a bus ticket for Greyhound, which gives me 20 minutes at the Buffalo bus terminal (see Why is a change of carrier on Greyhound no transfer? ). I am a bit worried now, will this 20 ...
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One hour Lufthansa transit time in Frankfurt from Bangalore to Dublin

I have bought a ticket to travel from Bangalore (India) to Dublin (Ireland) via Frankfurt (Germany). Both of the flights is of Lufthansa and as a part of the same ticket. The transit time I will have ...
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Connecting from Terminal 3 to 1 at Copenhagen CPH

US citizen traveling into Copenhagen, arriving Terminal 3 at 13:00 and need to connect to a domestic flight at Terminal 1 at 14:45. Any suggestions on fastest way between terminals? Will walking be ...
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Change flights in Vienna and time of Austrian Airlines flight

I booked a ticket from Brussels to Amman thru Vienna as a connection flight on the same airline, Austrian airlines. The first flight from Brussels to Vienna is S8172. It arrives at 8:50. The flight ...
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Is it really necessary to have at least 60 minutes for a train connection?

I'm trying to book a train from Trondheim via Oslo to Kristiansand. The route contains a transfer in Oslo. I have 21 minutes to catch the connection. On the NSB site a warning is issued (Google ...
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Is 2hr 25min sufficient for switching from an international flight (EWR Terminal B) to a domestic flight (EWR Terminal C)? [duplicate]

I will be arriving by BA at Terminal B of EWR at 14:05 from India (the flight stops at Heathrow). I will then have to go to Terminal C of EWR for my United flight that leaves at 16:30 to Syracuse. I ...
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Is a layover of 1 hour 30 mins enough at IAD (Washington Dulles) given it's the port of entry and immigration will be required?

I have an Indian Passport, and I am traveling FRA-IAD-BUF (Frankfurt-Washington(Dulles)-Buffalo. I have a single Lufthansa ticket, however the connecting flight from Washington to Buffalo is United ...
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Is transit time of 40 mins enough for a transit at Dusseldorf airport?

I am flying from U.S. to India via Germany(2 stops - Dusseldorf and Munich). There is a 40 min layover at Dusseldorf and 1 h 40 min layover at Munich. I am concerned if I will be able to make to the ...
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How much time do I require to make a connection in Munich airport?

Next month, I need to make a connection in Munich Airport. My flight arrives to Munich at 17:35 (Lufthansa). After that, I want to take a flight that departs at 18:25 (Vueling Airlines) so there is a ...
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Is 2h 45m enough for a layover in Newark Liberty International transferring from an international to a domestic flight (Terminal B → Terminal C)?

I am arriving from Frankfurt(FRA) to Newark(EWR) and I must pass the Customs and Border Control before catching the next flight to Baltimore (BWI). Both flight are on the same ticket by United ...
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Travelling from Dresden to Delhi via Munich with 45 minutes transit time, is it sufficient?

I am travelling from Dresden to Delhi via Munich (holding Indian passport with Schengen visa) through Lufthansa airlines. The transit time at Munich airport to board Delhi flight is just 45 minutes. ...
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Is 1 hour and 30 mins enough time in Atlanta Airport?

Is 1 hr and 30 mins enough time for first time travelers at Atlanta airport? I am flying first time from USA to Bombay and my first transit is at Atlanta. I assume I have to go from the domestic ...
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Lufthansa connecting flight at Munich, only 45 minutes in between. Will I be able to make it?

I bought a single ticket from Lufthansa, of Mumbai to Paris. My first flight (LH765) lands at 5:55am at Munich, from where I have another Lufthansa flight (LH2226) to Paris at 6:40am. This is a single ...
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Is 95 minutes enough at Newark Terminal B to connect United flights from Cancún, Mexico to Oslo, Norway?

Is 95 minutes enough transfer time at Newark incoming at Terminal B from Cancún, outgoing from Terminal B for Oslo? Flying United all the way.
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How long does it take to transfer from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 at SFO?

In March I will be travelling with my wife from Las Vegas McCarran Int'l Airport (LAS) to London Heathrow (LHR) via San Francisco Int'l Airport (SFO.) We have recently received a unexpected flight ...
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Is 50 minutes of transit time ample in Amsterdam airport?

Arriving in AMS in a Delta flight from Bombay at 7 AM. Departure at 7.50 AM in a KLM flight flying to Detroit. On a single leg ticket. Is this going to be time enough? Or should one just bolt as soon ...
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Is 2h 5m enough time for a layover in Toronto for a SCL-YYZ-LHR flight?

I'm eyeing an itinerary on Air Canada which would take me from Santiago to London Heathrow via Toronto (YYZ) which would allow 2 hours and 5 minutes in between the two flights. Is that enough? When I ...
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How much time do I need to allow for transit in a US airport (Minneapolis)?

I am flying from Los Angeles to Bangalore. I have a flight option from LAX to Minneapolis and from there to Paris. I have only 45 minutes at Minneapolis before my next flight. Is this too risky a ...
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Is 40 minutes enough time to transfer at Newark (EWR)? [duplicate]

We have been booked onto a flight from Orlando to Newark (EWR) due to arrive at 18.15. This is with United. Our connecting flight (also with United) to take us home to the UK, is due to leave at 18.55....
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Will I be able to catch a connection in the Austrian train in 2 minutes?

I'll be headed from Zell am See to Vienna on the 8th of march, on a train that leaves Zell am See at 10:19. There are two connections on the way - first in Schwarzach-St.Veit, then in Salzburg. The ...
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Is 1½ hours enough for a transit at Munich Airport?

I'm heading to India next week and have a connection in Munich, Germany. I made the mistake of booking a flight with only an hour and a half layover (freaking out!) and I'm wondering if I'll have to ...
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Is 50 minutes enough time to transfer between Terminal A and C at Newark (EWR)?

We'll be arriving at Newark airport (with two kids under 7) at Terminal A and our flight connection is in Terminal C. Is that enough time to catch the connecting flight? Update: both flights are on ...
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Is a 1 hour layover in Amsterdam sufficient?

I found a great price to Geneva (to visit a friend), however the itinerary I found calls for a 1 hour layover (only) in Amsterdam. 5:55am-6:55am. What is the likelihood of missing the connecting ...
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