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Where connections, typically between flights, leave little margin (such as close to Minimum Connection Times between terminals).

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Is 1 hour feasible for a layover in Manila for an international flight?

Due to a flight change from Cebu Pacific I now have a 1 hour layover in Manila, no baggage, and the flights are on two seperate tickets. Both flights are in terminal 3, I am flying on Cebu Pacific ...
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New Istanbul airport international transfer with Turkish Airlines 1hr 5mins enough?

I am hoping that I can get some advice as I am considering to book a flight with Turkish Airlines from London to Luxor, Egypt with a transfer at the new Istanbul Airport- the transfer time at ...
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Meet a friend at Heathrow airport

I am travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Madrid, with a three-hour layover at Heathrow Airport. I would like to meet up with one of my close friends during the layover, but we will not be leaving the ...
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Connection time in Delhi, separate tickets

We are considering a connection in Delhi (DEL). Coming in on Virgin Atlantic (from LHR), continuing on Spicejet to BKK on separate tickets. As far as I can tell both airlines operate out of Terminal 3....
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Is 50 minutes enough to get from EWR terminal C to terminal A (international arrival)?

I am arriving on United from Mumbai into terminal C, and have a domestic connection (also United) from terminal A 50 minutes later. What are the chances that I can make it from C to A in time, given ...
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