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Visiting destinations on land during stops while voyaging by ship such as on a cruise.

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Can a minor travel to the UK with someone whose passport number does not appear on his visa?

I am a teacher. I would like to take my students to the UK. Some of them already have a visa for the UK. My passport number does not appear on their visa. Is there any way for me to accompany them?
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Do shore excursions need to be purchased in advance on cruises?

I'd like to do some shore excursions on a cruise I'm considering. Do the excursions need to be purchased in advance or should they be purchased once you're on the cruise or what? Additionally, I was ...
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Independent excursions on Panama Canal cruise

I'll be taking a Panama Canal cruise with family with stops at: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Huatulco, Mexico Puerto Chiapas, Mexico Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala Fuerte Amador, Panama Cartagena, Colombia ...
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Do I need a visa if I go with a cruise line to St. Petersburg?

Last week I discussed with a friend if it is necessary to get a Russian visa if you travel with a cruise liner to Saint Petersburg in Russia? I think so, but my friend has the opinion that it is not ...
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Are cruises' Shore Excursions worth the money? [closed]

We recently embarked on a 12-night cruise (my first) and noticed the exorbitant prices for the shore excursions at every port. My question is - Are these really worthwhile, given that they relieve all ...
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Third party shore-excursion operators in the Western Caribbean

Cruise ships usually offer shore excursions that can be booked for an additional fee. These can be more expensive than going with a 3rd party, since the cruise line takes a cut. Is there a list of ...
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