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Questions tagged [shopping]

Anything related to buying specific products (food, art) or in specific places.

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Used book stores in Malta

I wanted to do some thrift book shopping during my stay in Malta – not in terms of price, but in terms of books being second-hand/used. What are the places to visit? Especially of interest are those ...
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Is there somewhere to buy used Latvian books in Riga?

I'm finally travelling in the Baltics and hoping to add to my collection of translations of a certain famous novel that I collect. As a booklover and as a person on a miniscule budget, I like to dig ...
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How to tip an Uber driver sent by a grocery store?

This is a question about Uber, not travelling. I didn't find an appropiate StackExchange site about Uber but Travel seems to have most of questions about Uber, so I chose it. If there is a better site ...
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"Unused goods" in the context of tax free shopping

Goods should be unused with original packaging when getting a stamp from customs officers. After some googling, details remain unclear. I am looking in particular for Europe. https://taxation-customs....
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