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From the Japanese for "new trunk line", the system on which Japan's high speed (sometimes called "bullet") trains operate and the trains, sometimes referred to as "Superexpress", that run on this network.

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Travelling from Narita airport to Sendai

I arrive at Narita airport in early October at about 9am but need to get to Sendai. I thought of booking the Shinkansen from Tokyo (or Ueno?) for some suitable time (say, 11am), but I would like to ...
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Is it a good idea to only allow 24 hours to get from Hiroshima to Tokyo for my flight home? [closed]

I'm going to Japan in May with my girlfriend, we are starting in Tokyo, then heading to Kyoto, Osaka and finishing in Hiroshima. We are then flying back home from Tokyo 16th May at 8am. We are ...
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Can I buy Shinkansen tickets that allow onward travel on JR regional trains?

The other day, I took a train trip from a station just outside the Kyoto city boundaries to Yokohama using the Nozomi Shinkansen for the Kyoto–(Shin-)Yokohama portion. I noticed on my outbound journey ...
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Where does the Tokaido Shinkansen stop in Tokyo?

I'm planning on taking the Nozomi category of the Tokaido shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo. I'm trying to figure out where exactly in Tokyo it stops. As best I can tell from Googling it stops in Tokyo ...
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2 answers

What are my options for reserving JR Shinkansen tickets in advance over the new year period?

So far after some extensive research it seems that reserving the tickets on when the tickets goes on sale seems to be the surest way of securing my seats over the new year period. The ...
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1 answer

Hokkaido Shinkansen - Sendai with JR Pass

We are travelling from Hakodate to Fukushima (changing at Sendai) on 28th March. 1) Can somebody confirm whether our JR Pass will be valid on this date? This website
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2 answers

Stopovers on Shinkansen services?

I'm planning a Hakodate-Tokyo journey this summer after the Hokkaido Shinkansen opens, but it's a four-hour journey even on the fastest service and I'd like to take a break, stretch my legs and eat ...
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How early should I reserve Shinkansen tickets during April?

Is it enough to buy Shinkansen tickets at the day of departure or should I buy them several days in advance if I want to secure a seat? I'll be travelling between Osaka and Hiroshima during early ...
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How can I find out what type of train is used for a Shinkansen service?

One of my kids' favorite destinations near Tokyo is the Railway Museum, which as a bonus can be visited by taking the Shinkansen bullet train two stops from Tokyo to Omiya. This particular section of ...
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Can I converse with Japanese travellers on the Shinkansen or is it rude?

I'm planning to travel from Osaka to Tokyo and back, and since the ride will be long, I think it's the perfect time to make friends. However, I'm unsure how the Japanese see this kind of behaviour - ...
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JR (Japan Rail) Pass - Get exchange order without it being physically delivered to me?

Is there any way to get a JR Pass exchange order, without it being physically delivered to me? Ideally in electronic form (like a simple email). But if not, could I perhaps pick it up somewhere (...
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