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Questions tagged [sharm-el-sheikh]

*شرم الشيخ* a city near the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt on the shore of the Red Sea.

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Day tickets for Sharm el Sheikh resorts

We are traveling to Dahab, Egypt in February 2023 and flying in and out via Sharm el Sheikh. Our flight leaves in the evening, so what we would like to do is leave Dahab in the morning and spend the ...
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2 answers

Can I get to Sharm el Sheik from Hurghada?

I heard that the regular ferry is not operating this route. Is that still true? EgyptAir doesn't have direct flights (it goes thru Cairo and is very expensive). Is there any other way to do this ...
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Travelling to Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt) - Price of alcohol

I am going to Sharm el Sheikh in June and would like to check out the Naama Bay strip. What can I expect for the prices of alcoholic drinks in Egypt? I know it is a Muslim country and having been to ...
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