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The Republic of Seychelles, a nation comprised of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean about 1,500 kms east of Mombasa.

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Flying through Dubai to the Seychelles with vape liquid

Very shortly I am going on holiday to the Seychelles. I am flying from the UK via Fly Emirates, changing at Dubai and flying on to the Seychelles. We are staying with a family who have ordered a ...
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What documents does a Pakistani need when arriving in Seychelles?

I'm Pakistani, living in Pakistan. I can enter Seychelles visa-free, but need to know what documents I might need when I arrive at immigration there. Would I need a No Objection Certificate?
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Do Seychelles' Immigration officers object to unofficial accommodation places?

Do they object to unofficial accommodation places like Airbnb, as opposed to licensed hotels and resorts? I had a friend who had first a booking with a resort for a few days, and an Airbnb booking ...
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Carry a drone during a Dubai/Seychelles trip

Next month I will travel from Italy to Seychelles for my honeymoon and I wish to carry my drone (a DJI Mavic PRO) with me. I'm aware that flying a drone without a license is illegal in Dubai but since ...
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What Exactly is Self-Catering?

On several islands in the Seychelles I've been seeing a lot of Self-Catering signs: Self-Catering Guest House, Self-Catering Apartment, Self-Catering Hotel, Self-Catering Room, etc. What exactly does ...
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Transfer options from SEZ Airport to Mahé Ferry Terminal

My flight is scheduled to arrive in Mahé at 14:30 and the ferry I booked leaves at 16:30. They offer a bus transfer at 15:00 but only for planes arriving before 14:00. I will not have a rental car ...
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Which Side of the Plane has the best view of the Seychelles at SEZ?

Which Side of the Plane Has the Best View of the Seychelles when Landing at Mahe (SEZ) Airport? The particular flight I am taking is leaving Dubai and landing at Mahe and it is on Emirates, should ...
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