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Questions tagged [sex]

Coping with different cultural habits related to sex when traveling, and traveling for purposes related to sex. Including, but not limited to sexual intercourse, contraception, sex work and sex toys.

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2 answers

Where to put vibrator when transit flight goes through UAE and Dubai

My girlfriend and I are flying from Ireland to Australia but have 2 stopovers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (about 3 hours in Dubai and 4 in Abu Dhabi, one self check-in and the other is just a connecting ...
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Can I play erotic video games (digital version) in the UAE?

I'll start working in Dubai next month and now plan to install some downloaded video games and porn films to kill certain time. Reading many Q&A in TSE, I learn that: Don't use a VPN to watch ...
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24 votes
3 answers

Is this "warning for prostitutes" sign actually a real, official sign in Italy?

While browsing Wikipedia to verify what "puta" meant (as I kept hearing it in Spanish) I found this bizarre photo: I tried to find the address "31021 Mogliano Veneto, Province of ...
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Can i take a small vibtaror with me to Kuwait without the battery?

I'm travelling from Australia to kuwait and wanted to know if it's possible for me to travel with a vibrator, without the battery and unscrewing the cap and just tucking different parts of it in a ...
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I am considering a visit to a Nevada brothel. What should I say at the US border?

I am a Canadian citizen/resident. I am considering a drive to a northern Nevada city to visit one of its legal brothels. According to my research, international sex tourism is legal as long as no ...
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Traveling with sex toys to Kuwait

I will be traveling to Kuwait and am intending on taking my 2 favourite sex toys with me. Will the x-ray detect my sex toys in my checked in luggage and if they do what will happen?
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Which kind of accommodation allows guests to stay overnight?

The problem: I would like to be able to have sex / bring people over to my room while travelling. I know this is not a problem in bigger hotels, but it often is in smaller, more "personal" ...
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How to ensure privacy and safety in hotels of India?

I do a moderate number of travels with my girlfriend and use good hotels (with a minimum 3 star rating) to stay for single/multiple days. We feel insecure to do intimate tasks such as foreplay, sex ...
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What kind of items related to sex can be carried to UAE?

So, apparently I cannot bring a vibrator/dildo to the UAE, but is it acceptable to bring items like condoms, lubricant, handcuffs, whips (well, the small ones), and so on? I'm especially interested in ...
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Can I take a sex item in checked luggage? [closed]

Does the luggage scanner detect the outlines of an automatic sex machine? Is it okay to take it with me to a country such as Egypt?
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1 answer

Can I bring a sex toy in checked-in luggage travelling to Mauritius but transiting in Dubai?

I'm travelling from Europe soon and I'd like to know if it is authorised to bring a sex toy and lube with me in my checked-in luggage transiting through Dubai. I haven't found much research about ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Can one be arrested for viewing adult sites while in the UAE?

Does the police in UAE arrest people for accessing adult internet sites?
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40 votes
6 answers

Can a mixed-Muslim unmarried couple share hotel rooms in Indonesia?

I am a muslima with Moroccan passport, and my boyfriend is European. Do you think that we might have problems sharing a room in Indonesia? We do not plan on going to Aceh. We will mostly go to ...
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2 answers

Proper etiquette to be able to bring sex worker in hotel room?

I plan to visit a European country where prostituion is legal. I will stay several days, visit the town during the day and have fun at night. I have no idea how the normal proccess but, after reading ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Will the wearing of a silicone butt plug be detected by Security? [closed]

I will be travelling from Asia to Europe with a stopover in UAE. I have four sex toys (discreet), none metal nor battery operated. I will put three in checked luggage (I don't expect any problems ...
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1 answer

Can I have a sex toy in checked-in luggage traveling to Singapore? [duplicate]

I will be moving to Singapore and since the country has very strict rules I wonder if it is possible to take one sex toy with me in checked-in luggage? I want to respect all local rules and avoid ...
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Planning to bring sex toys to Europe via Emirates [duplicate]

I'm planning to go to Europe via Emirates that will have a 3 hours stop over in Dubai.... And I'm planning to bring my sex toys with me.... I'm kinda worried since I just learned that sex toys are ...
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3 answers

Is it allowed to bring sex toys on a flight to Singapore?

I'll be taking a flight from Tokyo to Singapore. If I take a "pocket pussy" (artificial vagina) as carry on, will it be confiscated? Also will it be removed from my bag? I'm traveling with my family ...
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Are there red light districts in St. Petersburg or Moscow?

We are going to travel to Russia (St Petersburg and Moscow). Is there any red light district (or something like that) in these cities? Where are these places? Are they safe for tourists?
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Carrying Condoms while traveling to Dubai

I am traveling to Dubai in last week of May 2016, I wanted to know is it OK to carry condoms in my luggage or I'll be stopped at security check?
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21 votes
4 answers

Morning-after pill availability in Poland

I am going to visit Poland for some time, and I was wondering if there is ANY kind of morning-after pill available without medical prescription in Poland? I am in Germany right now and they made it ...
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3 answers

Can I take a sex-toy on plane through UAE?

I will be traveling from Australia to Austria, transferring in Abu Dhabi. Is it alright for me to bring a vibrator in the check-in luggage, or are there laws against that? It is approximately 17cm ...
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35 votes
1 answer

What is proper etiquette on bringing one night stands to a hotel room?

somewhat related to "Can a hotel kick you out if you let an unregistered guest share a room with you?": In the, alas, completely hypothetical scenario where I'm out in a foreign town and just happen ...
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3 answers

Is it permitted to ask questions of female sex workers in Thailand to be familiar with their real life as a tourist?

As a female traveler I will be in Thailand for around 2 months in mid November to have fun and complete my professional diving lessons. I would like to be familiar with Thai culture and foods and also ...
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2 answers

Are laws about sex outside marriage less rigorously enforced in Dubai for people on layovers?

Last night, I saw on the news that Qantas was switching its main hub from Singapore to Dubai. (Qantas has since switched back to Singapore) Smart Traveller notes about the United Arab Emirates: ...
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3 answers

People in the next room in my hotel are having noisy sex; I can't sleep! What to do?

The people in the next room are having sex all night! it is early morning and I can not sleep and my flight is in a few hours! Their bed is hitting the wall because of the action which makes a great ...
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18 votes
4 answers

Joining the Mile High Club (MHC) - Can I get into trouble?

The same friend I already mentioned in this question, has an additional travel question. Recently, he read a lot about the Mile High Club (MHC). Wikipedia defines the mile high club as people who had ...
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Legalities and safety concerns of visiting prostitutes in Amsterdam

A friend of mine left his girlfriend after a long (~5 years) relationship. To cheer him up a little bit, we decided to go to Amsterdam, as they have liberal prostitution and drug consuming laws. We'...
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