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Seville (Spanish: *Sevilla*), the capital of Andalusia and of the province of the same name. On the river Guadalquivir in southern Spain.

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Can Sevilla Bonobus or Multiviaje cards be used by more than 1 person?

Can the public transport cards (bonobus or Multiviaje), be used by more than 1 person? (simialr to how it is in Granada) Or is each card restricted to a single person?
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Seville to Cadiz by train in May - should we buy tickets in advance?

We (2 people) will be taking a train from Seville to Cadiz in May. It will be a Tuesday at about 10.00am. Would there be any need to buy tickets in advance or will we be okay to buy tickets when we ...
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What's the best way to get from Madrid Airport to Sevilla?

I've heard of taking the AVE train, but wouldn't I have to somehow get from the MAD airport to the train station? I am looking for a fast but safe route (I'm not sure how safe the public/city buses ...
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How seriously busy is Seville during the holy week? [closed]

I understand it is very busy, on a scale of 1 to 10, is it a 11 or a 12 or a 20 ? How difficult will it be for regular tourists (2 70-ish, 3 late 40-ish and a 13 y.o. teen) to do their things (visit ...
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Are there other places in Seville (Sevilla) to buy Alcázar tickets?

Today I visited the amazing Real Alcázar in Seville (Sevilla), which was well worth the waiting before I got in! However, when I got to the front of the queue, I discovered that the queue wasn't ...
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Getting between the Parque Empresarial Torneo business district of Seville/Sevilla and the airport?

For an upcoming trip to Seville / Sevilla in Spain, I've noticed that you can get some very good rates on the weekend at some nice hotels in the Pino Montano / Parque Empresarial Torneo area of the ...
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