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For questions about the general provision of assistance to travellers such as faxing, haircuts, laundry and dress hire. Should not be used where more specific tags such as [car-rentals], [internet], [health] and [tours] are applicable instead.

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Shipping packages to the Netherlands months ahead?

I'm a student moving to the Netherlands this fall, currently in the US. I need to move out of my current university in the next few weeks, and for the summer I'll be staying with a friend. Is there ...
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Free RV dump sites—what's the catch?

According to there are four free RV dump sites in Utah southwest of Zion National Park.  Since all four are at commercial businesses, I am a little bit ...
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How to reward good service in Japan?

I was recently in Japan and a couple of my Airbnb hosts and a particular bookstore clerk were exceedingly kind and accommodating, even by the high standards of Japanese service. I left them the best ...
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Can a passenger in transit at Heathrow get to a post office?

I am flying to heathrow in transit to the USA. Can I go to the post office to post a gift to my friend? Is it possible for someone in transit to use the post office service? Could I buy a gift to send ...
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Forgot to send checklist with UK Visa Application

I have sent my documents without the checklist in it to VFS Services USA Inc. Also, I did not sign the application form. What may happen? Has anyone gone through a similar situation? Edit: I have ...
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Services that provide information to Boarding Staff about guest's presence in the Airport

(Perhaps, this question might be closed as being off-topic but nevertheless) If one has a very small transition time between two flights and for some reason if the first flight is delayed due to ...
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Should I wash dishes before leaving a serviced apartment?

I have been staying in a serviced apartment for 3 weeks and will leave soon. The service was once a week. They didn't wash dishes so far, I did myself. I wonder if they expect me to wash dishes ...
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I have multiple citizenships, and somehow landed in legal trouble while travelling abroad. Which embassy should I contact for consular services?

Consider the scenario where you are travelling overseas, outside of the jurisdiction of any of the countries to which you have citizenship. You somehow end up in legal trouble, and are arrested. By ...
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Assistance with luggage at London Heathrow

I would like to know if a porter can take my suitcases from terminal 2 to terminal 3 at London Heathrow, to take them to left luggage until I fly out the next day, as I’d prefer not to take them to my ...
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Information on board (airplane) [closed]

What kind of information is important or interesting to get from an Airline before/during/after a flight? There are already things like articles about your destination with suggestions of places to ...
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Room with Kitchenette, Who Does the Dishes?

Got a room in a guest house with a kitchenette. The owner said she would do the cleaning, but does this usually include doing the dishes? Even if I've been in a room with a kitchenette before, I had ...
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Tailor in Hurghada, Egypt [closed]

I'm trying to locate a tailor (khayat) in Hurghada who can make men's traditional pants fast and cheap. I will wear these wide and full pants "sirwal" under galabeya (with crotch almost down to the ...
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Grocery Delivery Services in Denmark

We are going to stay in a cottage somewhere in Denmark this summer (Southern Denmark, specifically). As we would like to spend our time relaxing at our place rather than foraging in the nearest ...
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Check-Through with AirChina

I have booked my flight via Air China from Frankfurt (Germany) to Osaka(Japan) with one stop in Beijing(China). Can anybody tell me if there is a Check-Through service and if so what is your ...
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Is it ok to refuse housekeeping services at a hotel?

I'm about to stay at a 4-star hotel in Stockholm for 5 days. Is it ok to request that I don't want my room to be cleaned or the housekeeping staff to enter the room? The reason for this is mainly ...
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Is there anywhere to get a haircut at Miami International Airport?

Tomorrow I'll have a 2-hour layover in Miami International Airport (MIA) on my way to a job interview. Is there anywhere within the airport that I can get a haircut? I don't see any such options ...
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Where can I print a document in Vancouver? [closed]

I'm traveling in Canada and currently I'm in Vancouver. I need to print a PDF file (5 times 4 pages) that is on my Laptop / USB stick. What options do I have in (downtown) Vancouver? What is the price ...
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If a hotel staff asks me for buffet food, can there be consequences if I bring him food?

Last year I went to a resort in Mexico and the towel boy asked me to please bring him some food from the buffet. He told me he didn't eat breakfast and is not allowed to get food from the buffet. I ...
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Tailor in Hanoi, Vietnam

I will be traveling through Vietnam, and I'm looking to get some tailored shirts. Unfortunately, the only place I'll have enough days in one place is Hanoi, so I'd like to do that there (I've read ...
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Why does an airline include "seamen" in its list of special requests?

I was trying to book my ticket on-line with PIA when under the special request section I saw the request for a "seaman". What would be your best guess as to what this service entails? This ...
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Do post offices in Leipzig offer a faxing service?

I want to send a fax from Leipzig. I know some post offices, like Deutsche Post, but do they usually offer such service? Do post offices in Leipzig offer sending faxes? If not, from where can I send ...
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Which embassy/consulate to contact when you need consular support for a family where the parents have different nationalities?

This is a question we have asked our self a lot, but never found a proper answer. We are a couple with different nationalities, where our children have both. We are wondering which Embassy we should ...
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