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Visiting Falkland Islands with UK Tourist visa

Hi my girlfriend is from Serbia, she just got a UK visitors permit for 6 months, can she also fly to Falkland Islands with that visa ? We couldn't find any information if UK tourist visa is also ...
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Can I stay in Mexico with C1/D visa? [duplicate]

I work on a ship and I will disembark in Cozumel, Mexico. Can I stay for a vacation in Mexico with my C1/D visa? I hold a Serbian passport.
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Travelling to Spain with a Refugee Travel Document issued by the USA

I have French Schengen Visa and planning to land in Spain stay few days then continue to France where most of my trip will happen. I'm confused whether I can land in Spain. One consulate said I could, ...
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UK short-term study visa - group

I am applying for a short-term study visa for a training course at the University of Kent. Two of my friends from Serbia are also accepted to the same course and applying for a visa. I have registered ...
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UK standard visitor visa for an unemployed mother

My mother and I have started a process of gathering documents to apply for a visitor visa for her to come and visit my husband and me. She is a Serbian national and currently unemployed. However, she ...
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Driving brother's Serbian car in UAE?

My brother has a car registered in Serbia. I would like to drive that car in Dubai. I have drivers license issued in Serbia and drivers license issued by UAE on Serbian drivers licence. I have a ...
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Can we leave the Dubai airport during a long layover; do we need a visa? [duplicate]

My friend and I have a 10 hour layover In Dubai. I was wondering could we visit Burj Khalifa in that time. Only problem is that we are arriving at the airport at 23.20h and it is on Monday. We don't ...
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How old can the marriage certificate be, is 3-4 months good enough?

I'm trying to help my parents get UK visitor visa from a non-EU country (Serbia) so they can visit me for one week in London. I've asked them to provide a marriage certificate, since my mom is ...
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