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Questions tagged [senior-travel]

For questions about travel by people over the limit where they start to be eligible for reduction for age.

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4 votes
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Unreasonable rebooking of cancelled flight

Flying from Dallas via Chicago the connecting flight to Reykjavik was cancelled after a 3-hour delay. It was rebooked at 1 am with an error on the ticket showing 2 flights the next day. The actual ...
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Public transport discounts for visiting, old people in Europe

I am interested in discounts on public transport for old people travelling in Europe. They should be ones that need no preparation or an amount that is reasonable for a short or medium trip. Discounts ...
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Free Madrid transit pass for 65+

The English version of the Madrid transit agency page on passes suggests that senior citizens may be entitled to free transit (with a transit card of nominal cost). From 1 January 2023, people aged ...
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27 votes
1 answer

Does everyone in a party need to be 62 or over to qualify for the Marriott senior discount?

I'm booking a trip with my mother and mother-in-law, who are both over 62 years old. The hotel we're staying in is a Marriott, which offers a senior discount for travelers 62 and over. Traveling is ...
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Travel by train in the UK using my senior railcard

My senior railcard has expired. Can I renew this or just apply for a new card? The card expired several years ago!
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2 answers

Are there any websites or other resources that lists discounts or special conditions for seniors in Europe?

In some countries seniors have special conditions on the train, museums, etc. Relating a comment on this question I was wondering if there are websites or resources that list special conditions for ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is there a discount on train tickets for people older than a given age in the Netherlands?

I am helping a friend to plan a trip in the Netherlands. He is 68 years old. Is there some discount on the train like in Belgium?
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