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IATA code for London Southend Airport

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Why was there no immigration control flying from Dublin (DUB) to London Southend (SEN)?

So I recently made a return journey from London Southend (SEN) to Dublin (DUB), flying out of SEN and into DUB on Saturday on Aer Lingus, and back to SEN on Sunday via a similar Aer Lingus flight. In ...
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What is more efficient when connecting through London Southend (SEN): LHR or LGW?

I live 10 minutes away from Antwerp International Airport. It is the only airport where I ever cycled to. They even facilitate that with proper bicycle parking space. It is international since it has ...
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What is the best value way to travel by rail from Southend airport to ExCel in London and then to Gatwick?

I am travelling to London for one day for a conference and would like to know what is the best value option for rail travel to and from the airports. I am landing in Southend Airport and travelling to ...
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How long does it take to get into London from Southend airport?

I am attending a conference in the ExCel in London and am flying in that morning. The best value flights are all flying into Southend airport which I hadn't heard of before so I am wondering how long ...
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