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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

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Why did FlightStats mark today's flight AS159 as departed from SEA and diverted to SEA?

I see that FlightStats marked today's flight AS159, as departed from SEA's gate at 07:15 PT and diverted to SEA, where it arrived at 07:38 (mirror): A second flight AS159 departed from SEA's gate at ...
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How early should we arrive for a domestic flight from SeaTac?

We have an early (for me) domestic flight out of SeaTac on a Saturday morning. Departure time 7:30am. We'll be at a hotel near the airport. Officially SeaTac suggests arriving at least 2 hours early ...
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Where can one park one's car for free for a few weeks reasonably close to Seattle (SEA) airport? [closed]

I wonder where one can park one's car for free for a few weeks (preferably >1 month) reasonably close to Seattle (SEA) airport. Let's say reasonably = less than 1h car ride.
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What is this green thing in the sea?

Wondering if someone knows what is this green thing in the sea? Bulgaria Sozopol, I took the photos myself while in a restaurant in front of the sea. I do not know what are they I asked an ...
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How can anyone dare to swim in the ocean/sea-facing beaches with the shark risk? [closed]

I've only watched "Jaws" a few times in my life, but as supernatural and evil as that shark is, the fact remains that people have been eaten by sharks that swim in for a nice buffet at the public ...
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What is the purpose of going on a modern cruise ship? [closed]

Recently, I've been watching a lot of in-depth video tours of these objectively gigantic modern cruise ships, which are all more or less the same. Basically, they are like floating cities, but ...
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Do I recheck baggage at stopovers MCI-SEA-ICN-SGN? Delta and Korean Air

We booked a flight via Travelocity for my stepson to return home to Vietnam in October 2019. He will travel from MCI to SEA and then another Delta flight from SEA to ICN and finally from ICN to SGN on ...
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Immigration at Seattle sea port after Alaska cruise? [closed]

My husband (us citizen) and I (Indian on h1b) are taking Alaska cruise from Seattle . It ends in Seattle . Can anyone tell me about immigration at Seattle sea port? Do CBP officials stamp passports ...
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How much time do I need to transit Seattle airport on separate tickets?

I am traveling from SF to Seattle (Alaskan) to take a BA flight back to the UK, I am not a US citizen. Can I safely make the flight if I allow two hours to get from domestic to international with my ...
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London to Seattle, corporate policy is economy. How to get more recline: BA or Delta? Or other options?

Over the next few months I'm going to be flying backwards and forwards between London and Seattle. It has to be Economy class (corporate policy). I might be able to negotiate premium economy (not ...
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TSA Precheck on all connecting flights

If my fist leg of international travel is on Alaska Airlines and I have a TSA Precheck, will my connecting flight on British Airways also be TSA precheck? We start in Sacramento, CA on Alaska ...
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I have a US B-1 visa and am planning to transit via Seattle to go to India from Canada [duplicate]

I have a valid US B-1 visa, so just wanted to check if I can transit via Seattle. And if my connection flight is only 1.30 hours, will I be still able to make it?
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Best way to get from SeaTac airport to Redmond?

Can anyone suggest the best way to get from Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) airport up to Redmond? I guess one option might be the new tram into the center of Seattle, then try to change onto one of the Express ...
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