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Questions about traveling for or during breaks in the academic year, which vary from region to region.

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Best time to go in Brittany to avoid both school holidays and hurricanes?

My wife and myself want to go for a photo-shooting on the beaches of Saint-Malo, France, but not especially in the summer. We want it to happen when there aren't many people there, so we want to avoid ...
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When do school holidays in Belgium not overlap with those in France so I can have a calmer visit to Disneyland Paris?

I'm hoping to one day take my godchild, along with his parents and my own parents, to Disneyland in Paris for a few days. However, I personally can't cope that well with busy places, and I'm hoping to ...
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London and Paris Spring Vacation, end of May - Impact from School Holidays and Whitsunday?

I am looking to plan a vacation going to London and Paris near the end of May so I can take advantage of the US Memorial Day Holiday which I get off from work to get more days out of my vacation. I ...
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What are the school holiday dates in South Africa

What are the school holiday dates in South Africa, which would then affect our plans to travel?
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For an affordable Educational School Tour what is the best time to visit Paris

I am planning for a School Tour to Paris. Looking for some good tips such as best time of year to visit, affordable transport method, cheap yet comfortable hotels etc. So that we could have a good ...
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Where can I find the official school holiday schedule for Japan?

I've been looking for some 20 minutes now and can't find any pertinent information. Where can I find the official school holiday calendar for Japan, 2013?
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