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The area in Northern Europe consisting of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. See also the "nordic-countries" tag.

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Can NOK and SEK be used interchangeably in the border regions?

In the past, when CAD and USD were in parity, places near the border had both coins circulated mixed together, that when I paid with CAD banknote I would very often receive changes with CAD and USD ...
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CPH airport (Copenhagen) covid test center?

I am flying to Copenhagen airport (CPH) next week. I read that I have to present "proof of a negative COVID-19 test". The airport itself has a test center as per
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Transfer between Trysil and Scandinavian Mountains Airport

I've been skiing in Trysil before and back then I took a 6 hour bus there. Today they have an airport and as one who doesn't like charter trips I wonder what the options are for getting from the ...
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Baggage delayed/lost for more than 21 days - how high is the reimbursement?

I flew with SAS within europe (destination was OSL) and had a connecting flight to Asia with another airline (different bookings). On my SAS flight my checked baggage was delayed and didn't make it ...
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Tourist attractions on way from Stockholm to Oslo [closed]

I'll be going from Stockholm to Oslo by car. I understand the Oslojord area is very touristic. Are there any other nice attractions on this way? Somewhat off the direct route are Goethenburg and ...
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Cargo Ship From Helsinki to Norway? [duplicate]

I should like t travel by ship from Helsinki to Norway, but prefer cargo instead of cruise ships. In Norway, the Hurtiguten line runs ships along the western coadst of Norway, stopping at ports along ...
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Things to see in the North Sweden in November [closed]

I'm going to visit Sweden in two weeks, landing in Arlanda (Stockholm). I'm renting a car and was thinking of spending the first weekend driving around and seeing its natural beauty. I have lived ...
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Dark Days in Scandinavia

What happens during dark days in Scandinavia? From late fall to winter, very little to no daylight at all falls on many cities in Scandinavia, particularly north of the arctic circle. How does this ...
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Self-catering in Scandinavia [closed]

I'm planning a driving trip from Copenhagen to Norway. I understand that Scandinavia is expensive. If I want to rely on self-catering as much as possible, how much should I budget daily for food for ...
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What is the quietest place with some industry? [closed]

I work as a software developer in a part of the world that has a lot of road / traffic noise. I live in Europe and want to move countries, to somewhere quieter. Due to my job, it would have to be near ...
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Scandinavia and the rest of Europe in July [closed]

What are the options if one were to travel: 1) From Stockholm to Prague 2) From Stockholm to Amsterdam Does Eurail cover these trips?
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Would a Finland prepaid SIM work in other Scandinavian countries?

I read from Need fast mobile internet while in Finland for 1 month that there are prepaid Finnish SIMs with data. I'm planning to go to Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Could someone ...
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I am looking for a place in Scandinavia

I am looking for a place in Scandinavia, most likely in Norway. Problem is, I have image of it in my head, but I completely forgot it's whereabouts. I have seen once a picture of it on 9gag, but it ...
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Visa requirements for travelling to Scandinavia from Australia?

Later this month I'll be travelling from Australia (on an Australian passport) to Denmark/Norway/Sweden for a holiday, with the itinerary: Arrive Copenhagen, Denmark - stay to days Fly to Bergen, ...
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Best route to travel among: Cologne, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm [closed]

I am planning to make a trip to Scandinavian countries from Cologne, Germany. But I am confused which route(Cologne-Norway-Sweden-Denmark-Cologne or any other order) will be most cost efficient. My ...
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What are the ferry options for getting from Sweden to Scotland? [duplicate]

As this question points out the routes from Sweden and Denmark to Newcastle has been discontinued. Driving the whole way from Stockholm (for example) to Scotland is some 26 hours and geography ...
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Alternative route for the shut down Harwich - Esbjerg ferry route by car

I am planning to have a Scandinavian trip (preferably it would include Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg, maybe also Oslo or the southern parts of Norway) from London by car. As I'll be the only one able ...
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Travel in Scandinavia during autumn

My wife and I are planning on travelling from the UK to Scandinavia and surrounding during late October or November. We would love to see most of the major cities (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, ...
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Is there any way to be notified if the Northern Lights are visible in the north of Scandinavia without having to stay awake all night?

So we all know that there are a ton of places that claim to be the best place to see the Northern Lights and whatnot. However, even if I'm in one of those places, I don't necessarily want to have to ...
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Where are some interesting places with wildlife, nature-views, and/or historical sites in the very North of Finland, Norway and Sweden?

We'll be driving from Östersund (Sweden) to Narvik (Norway), Hammerfest (Norway), Kirkenes (Norway) and Haparanda (Sweden), in that order. We'll be making the trip next summer. These are quite long ...
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What exactly is allemansrätten in Sweden?

My understanding is that it is a limited right for a traveler to camp out on any "unsettled" property in Sweden, public or private. Of course, there are important restrictions, such as NO right to ...
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