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An autonomous region of Italy. It's the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Sleeping in Sardinia

Is it allowed to sleep outside (with a tent or just in a sleeping bag; not in the car) in Sardinia? Especially due covid rules, which require registration before travelling where it requires address ...
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List of campsites on Sardinia

I'm looking for campsites on Sardinia. We travelling without car, just backpacking. Priorities are: nature (we usually go to the mountains), not that many people, cheap. Is there some guide with ...
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Sardinia COVID-19 registration for tourists

I've been noticed by a friend that Sardinia currently requires advanced registration before travelling due COVID-19. The registration page is in Italy, no English, so I'll ask the embassy. But maybe ...
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Small luxury hotels in Sardinia near beach [closed]

I'm looking for recommendations for small luxury hotels in Sardinia near a nice beach for a short break in April. Nice walks and a nearby small town with interesting things whether historic or just ...
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How reliable the public transport in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italia? Do they have contactless travel?

I have to change flights in Cagliari on a Sunday evening and I'll have around 2 hours free between the two, so I decided not to just sit in the terminal but actually rush out to the city. I have ...
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Do I need to take cash on my holiday to Sardinia?

I'm from the UK. I recently went on holiday to Copenhagen and didn't have to use cash at all because I could use my debit card wherever I went. Will it be the same in Sardinia? Do all restaurants and ...
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What is the most well-preserved ancient ruin in Sardinia?

I'll be traveling to Sardinia, Italy in June this year and would like to visit a site of an ancient ruin. There appear to be many sites on the island (of varying states of decay), and I'd like to ...
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Getting from Livorno Centrale station to Moby ferry

I am about to book a "Moby Ferries" ferry from Livorno to Olbia (Sardinia). Ferry departs at 22:00. The FRECCIABIANCA train arrives at 19:44. Is it manageable to get from the train station to ferry ...
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Is there a convenient ferry between Sardinia and Corsica?

I have flights to Olbia, Sardinia for three nights first weekend of May (because they were cheap). I thought it might be nice to spend a night in Corsica (and bring my TCC count up to 41). Are there ...
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