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The capital city in the state of São Paulo, Brazil and the most populated in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Transfering at São Paulo airport while traveling from Pakistan to Chile

My route is Pakistan-Istanbul-São Paulo with Turkish Airlines, then a transfer to LATAM Airlines to my final destination in Chile. a) Do I need a transit visa? b) Will they issue me all my boarding ...
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Transportation to/from airport in São Paulo

I will be traveling to São Paulo soon with my eleven year old, and am curious to know what the recommended way to get to/from the airport (São Paulo-Guarulhos International, GRU to Expo Center Norte). ...
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Can I transit in São Paulo having separate flight ticket

I am a holder of Djibouti passport and currently live in Qatar. I am planing to visit Ecuador, and I want to make this trip booking two different flight tickets: first, a flight from Doha to São ...
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Is it worth it to fly from Viracopos International Airport from São Paulo [closed]

I'm weighing my options with internal flights in Brazil, and I see cheap prices for trips coming out of Viracopos International Airport, which is more than an hour drive away from São Paulo, the price ...
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Are T2 and T3 different building at the Sao Paolo GRU Airport

I will be traveling back from Montevideo to Amsterdam with a transit via Sao Paolo Airport. I have a single ticket (booking) I found a previous thread which state that 1.30 Hours at the Sao Paolo ...
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Need storage locker for cell phone because US consulate in São Paulo does not permit one

Sadly the consulate website simply states you can't enter with a cellphone and will need to "make arrangements" to stash your phone. Does anybody know if there is a nearby locker to put my phone in?
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Options to explore Sao Paolo on a short layover?

I have a layover in Sao Paolo of 5-6 hours depending on how quickly I get out of the plane. Is it easy to explore the city? Or are there any nearby attractions? I am looking for something I can get to ...
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How to get the most out of a layover in Sao Paulo [closed]

I have a layover at São Paulo Guarulhos (GRU) during my trip through South America. I arrive Thursday 5pm local time and leave again Friday 930am. I will be staying in a hotel close to the airport, ...
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What's the best way to get from São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport to the city? [closed]

Edit 3: Define "best" however you see fit. Personally, I prioritize safety/reliability and cost over comfort and time. If you Google the above question, there are a good amount of results: buses, ...
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Local sightseeing in Sao Paulo on a budget - in a day, solo traveler - is it doable?

I will have a Saturday evening and a full Sunday for local sight-seeing in Sao Paulo. A few characteristics of my 1.5 days available in Sao Paulo being: Solo traveler, will be staying quite close to ...
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