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Questions regarding the Republic of San Marino.

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What are the COVID entry requirements into San Marino?

I am eying a trip to San Marino, but I can't parse the COVID Requirements of San Marino The Foreign Ministry site is unhelpful, the UK FCO has contradicting information and my goverment doesn't have ...
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Visa for Spain: do I need to translate my passport?

I am applying for a visa for Spain. I gathered all the necessary documents and made them translate. Now I have a doubt which I was not able to clarify reading the available information on the ...
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Collecting euro coins of European microstates [closed]

I just got into EURO coins collecting again. The normal coins are pretty easy to get in normal life. But there are 4 European microstates (Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City) where there are no ...
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Can I register my exit from Italy when traveling to San Marino? [duplicate]

I am a non-EU passport and I do not need a visa for either Schengen countries or San Marino. I want to travel and stay in San Marino for a few days, and I would like these days to not count towards ...
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8 answers

Which countries are visa free for both Chinese and Swiss citizens?

I'm planning to meet my girlfriend. She's Chinese, while I'm Swiss. And we're having some trouble finding out which way would be the best to meet each other. Because we both would not like to tell our ...
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14 votes
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How to prove one has spent time in the non-Schengen European microstates, in order to pause the Schengen clock?

I am considering staying in Monaco, San Marino, or Vatican City before I can enter the Schengen area again. According to this answer, it is valid to stay in these three micro-states in order to stop ...
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Does time spent in non-Schengen European microstates count against the available 90-day Schengen time?

So the Schengen Area wikipedia says three European microstates – Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City – can be considered de facto participants. Thus, for citizens of countries that can enter ...
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